Hello from Latvia, the country you probably haven't even heard of. :D

Hi. My name is Ronald. Anyway, you can call me Ron. Or Ronnie. Or, perhaps, Reagan lol :D.

My goal is to become a great Hard rock and 80s metal singer. And to be able to sing while playing guitar, and possibly some other instrument at the same time.
That said, i would also like to be able to pull off stuff outside of these genres, just for the sake of being able to do it.(i DON'T want to be a pop singer you know!!)

I want to develop a good, broad range, including REALLY HIGH, SCREAMIN'-YER-GUTZ-OUT kinda notes(like an A5 and higher), and significantly low notes(say, like E2 and even lower, if possible).
I know that i may not be able to get a range of some good whoppin' 4-5 octaves, because it's not easy, and the range i want may be TOO far out of my physical boundaries(ya know, the length and size of my vocal cords, and so on), but still, i aim to get a range as broad as possible. Both ways, but with more focus on the high notes, though.

I suspect myself of being a, so to say, MIDDLE baritone(cavalier-baritone).
My speaking voice, when i'm using a relaxed, normal, non-inquiring, non-exclamating intonation, falls somewhere between A2-C#3.

Anyway, that was just a little bit about me.

Wish me luck with all of this. :)

Judging from what i just wrote you guys about myself, what range, in your opinion, can i hope to develop?


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