Hello from Latvia, the country you probably haven't even heard of. :D

Hi. My name is Ronald. Anyway, you can call me Ron. Or Ronnie. Or, perhaps, Reagan lol :D.

My goal is to become a great Hard rock and 80s metal singer. And to be able to sing while playing guitar, and possibly some other instrument at the same time.
That said, i would also like to be able to pull off stuff outside of these genres, just for the sake of being able to do it.(i DON'T want to be a pop singer you know!!)

I want to develop a good, broad range, including REALLY HIGH, SCREAMIN'-YER-GUTZ-OUT kinda notes(like an A5 and higher), and significantly low notes(say, like E2 and even lower, if possible).
I know that i may not be able to get a range of some good whoppin' 4-5 octaves, because it's not easy, and the range i want may be TOO far out of my physical boundaries(ya know, the length and size of my vocal cords, and so on), but still, i aim to get a range as broad as possible. Both ways, but with more focus on the high notes, though.

I suspect myself of being a, so to say, MIDDLE baritone(cavalier-baritone).
My speaking voice, when i'm using a relaxed, normal, non-inquiring, non-exclamating intonation, falls somewhere between A2-C#3.

Anyway, that was just a little bit about me.

Wish me luck with all of this. :)

Judging from what i just wrote you guys about myself, what range, in your opinion, can i hope to develop?


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    Welcome to the KTVA forums!  You are the first person to introduce yourself as a Latvian, if I'm not mistaken.  That would make you our Number One Latvian student!

    How far you will move yourself towards your ultimate singing goals is entirely up to you!  How far are you willing to put in the work it will take, along with your physical makeup, will determine how far you get.

    This IS the way to get there, by following Ken's instructions and diligently practicing at LEAST an hour per day six days per week, on the KTVA exercises, in the manner described in the KTVA Videos.

    Looking forward to hearing you as you progress!


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    Yeah, sure. You'll definitely hear my progress some day.
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    Welcome Ronald!

    Great to have you here, and I look forward to hear how you progress. I am from Norway. I know Latvia and I've been there twice, last time in Saulkrasti jazz festival, and I know several musicians from Riga. I love your country!! I can even sing an old Latvian song: Ak Trinit mana sirdspujkit, arvien, arvien... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuKtZyp5MlI



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    You know a Latvian song?
    LOL, didn't expect that. :D
    Are you a jazz singer?
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    Yes, an old traditional song. No, I'm not a jazz singer, more rock 'n roll. But I like all kinds of music. The reason I was there is that I went with some Latvian musicians who used to play in the natinal symphony orchestra in Latvia. I played tuba in a band in Norway, and our conductor was Latvian. Just to tell you why I was there.
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    I didn't know you were a concert tuba player!  You must have ROCKED!!!


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    I have so many talents....just wait till you hear the next...;-)

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    Cool. Can you play any other intstruments besides tuba?
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    I can play an instrument called voice, and a little bit guitar (very little), and then I played the accordion when I was a girl, and I've tried the clarinet and the flute...you name it, but I am not good at all. I just try and play around with things. And I had drums in my livingroom. I just bought them on impulse...but I removed them...and got a boyfriend instead....who is a drummer. So now they're back. Creative craziness in our house. 
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    I'm intrigued by this instrument you call the voice...

    Exactly what is it and how do you play it?  Do you honk it or strum it or bang on it? 

    Is it easy to play?  Does anybody here know of a good place to learn to do that?


    ; ^ )



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    @Bob Hahaha ;-)

    @Trine if I lived in a house I would have at least 1 drumkit even though I don't play the drums... :)
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    If I lived in a treehouse, I'd have a drum kit like this:

    Photo: Hahaha I love this pic!  It makes me think of the end of days when the earth has been demolished by an astroid, and those who survive underground are non musicians... and theyre trying to bring back some of what was lost.  

Someone builds this drumset and says.... dude!   It looks right?!?!   But wheres the sound?

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    @Bob - ha ha ha nice picture, do you think the neighbors would complain?  
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    Drummer's neighbors NEVER complain.....   much....  ; ^ )
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