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In ear Monitors - New Shure SE425 earphones?

Leon_MartinLeon_Martin Member Posts: 1
I'm trying to find information about wired earphones to use while singing live.
Most IEM are expensive but i've just noticed the new Shure SE425 earphones. the reviews look ok but i've still not found anyone who's using them live.
anybody out there tried them live yet? or can you recommend others in a afforable price range?

I use the Helicon voice live2 and i'm thinking to plug the SE425 directly into that with the full mix as aux.

any feedback would be great!




  • BassnVoxBassnVox Enrolled Posts: 15
    edited November 2014
     @ Leon_Martin . I use a wired IEM system now. The wireless systems take BIG $$$ to get a decent one. But for wired I just get a stereo extension and if you don't move around a ton works great. (I have about 10' of cable so fine for me).  I use a Rolls 351 (I'm the bass player as well so like the instrument mixer; but they have a lower prices model if want just for vocals) but with decent earbuds (about $90 for the personal mixer, another $100 for entry earbuds, and you can get the gel to custom fit mold foam for them from a shooting equipment store for about $10)...so about $225 all in; and it does make a HUGE difference being able to dial in more "you" in the mix without relying on FOH mix or wedges. I have a TC voicelive play as well. I found I got a weird "mechanical" sound with it and thought it was my mic ( TC mp 75) until I turned all effects off...then just add reverb and delay to taste...pitch correction full OFF. I'm not sure what effect was doing it, but with the IEM you will hear ALOT  of subtlety's in your voice you don't with wedges, especially standing next to a drummer! :). Hope this helps some
  • johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    @ Leon_Martin: A singer-songwriter friend of mine tells me the Shure SE 425's are really good.
    I'm looking at getting a pair at some point.
  • simonkramersimonkramer Pro Posts: 2
    I purchased a pair of Shure SE295's for iPhone/General use and they were great.  Comfortable fit and held snug when moving around.  Can't obviously comment on the 425's audio quality but would imagine, of course. they are even better.

    Do some quick research online regarding Shure cable breakage before purchasing to see if it affects the 425's.  Replacing the cables ($130) after 6 months wasn't something I had anticipated.  I would buy another pair but was a little disappointed over build quality and the 'not our problem if you haven't got the receipt' response from Shure.

    I'm also looking for IEM's and had considered the Shure's again so post up how you get on.
  • bentkbentk Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 1,650
    Hi guys, i found this thread about in ear monitoring and thought to put my questions here.

    I have indeed seen that wireless systems are pretty expensive. But wired system are super affordable and carry great quality. I guess you just walk around, attached to a cable? If that is all, it would be a great option for me.
    These modules are much cheaper, and can go straight to the mixing table i should think?

    As for earphones themselves, i am thinking that entry level to mid level shures and boses will suffice? Think of small venues.


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