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Tone question + a sample of my singing

rideride Enrolled Posts: 5
Hi everyone, i have a question about tone. This guy (links below) is my absolute idol. I don't want to 'be him' but i definately want to put my voice in that direction, if you get what i mean. If you could watch these two videos and give me some tips on how he himself is actually getting that tone, i.e. amount of support, brightness is it pure chest or a mix etc. Just everything about his voice really.. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I have attached a sample of me singing, i recorded this in about half an hour yesterday and didnt really know the song that well, plus im not a veteran singer, ive only been training 'properly' for six months or so..  i think i could do quite a lot better on it, but I'm just trying to give you a sample of my voice incase it helps with the advice.

Here is the sample of my singing: http://picosong.com/q8NX/

These clips are live, the guys voice is unbelievable.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    The first YouTube file wouldn't play for me.  The second worked OK.  He has an interesting voice and approach.

    Your sample sounds to me like you need to really open up your throat to get the tone you may be looking for.  It's sounding a bit pinched down and tense on this sample.  You do have some nice tone and range, but need to spend some more time opening up and stretching your range a bit.



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    TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269
    edited November 2013

    In addition to the technical advice that Bob is giving, I would say that you don't sound too diffferent from him, so you are on the right track in that sense. BUT if I were you, I would detach from that and focus only on your own voice. I would develop that voice by following Ken's advice, as if you never heard this guy singing, and get confident about what is YOU. Also when we want to copy other voices, there is a risk that we develop bad technique, since many singers, also very famous ones don't have right technique (especially in the first video I hear that he also has something to learn). If you follow Ken, you can be absolutely sure that you develop your voice based on right technique. Then you can come back and get inspiration from other singers, and develop style the way you want to. That is how I would do it. Perhaps it makes sense to you too.


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