Demo pre-KTVA "before" take - Red Hill Mining Town

Hi Everyone. New guy here. I've just purchased the full KTVA course and recorded a few demos over the weekend to mark where I'm at prior to starting the course and I thought I'd share one here in hopes of getting some feedback, any/all of which would be greatly appreciated. I left the volume of the vocals a little high in the mix.

I see that demos are posted both as new threads as well as appended to one big demo thread. I wasn't sure which to use so I started a new discussion. Also, I wasn't sure to choose new "discussion" or "question", and I hope to get better with forum protocol over the coming weeks and months. Also, I'm new to soundcloud and hope I've properly created a private link that works for you. Please let me know if you can't listen.

I'll post a bit more about myself in the "introduce yourself" section right now as well. Thanks. I look forward to being a part of the KTVA community.


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    Hi, Joe!

    Thanks for posting a "before" demo.  The vocals are mixed at about the right level for a critique.  They actually could be just a bit more up-front for future reference.

    Some time from now, your demos will show a marked difference from what you have posted today.  Your voice will grow in many ways and your consistency will change dramatically. 

    You have a broad range to begin with, but it will mature and improve tonally, as well as become more connected and supported.  This will all happen with consistent practice and application of the techniques you will be learning from your KTVA studies. 

    You have come to the right place to grow your voice.



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    Thanks, Bob. Fortunately, dedication is not a problem. I'll record and post another version of the same song around year's end. I should be deep into volume 2 by then and sniffing around volume 3. Already, after three days of volume 1 exercises, I'm noticing significant changes and it's obvious that I'm barely scratching the surface.

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    Yes.  Changes for the better already...  and then after working at it over a period of time...




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