Hello from south Brazil

Hi Everyone. I'm Joe from south Brazil, though formerly from the west coast of the U.S., mostly southern California and Seattle.

I appreciate very much that work that Ken and his staff have put together in the form of the course material, all the video demonstrations and this forum. I look forward to camping out here with the rest of you as I devote the next several months and beyond to taking my singing up a few notches.

My story is that I've been singing at home alone for 25 years both for the love of it as well as out of a fear of having others hear me sing. In May of this year I began to take lessons from a classically trained opera singer and it was very useful. As I prefer to sing rock, I switched to an SLS instructor a month ago, then found Ken online and decided that I'd prefer to study exclusively with KTVA.

What I relate to most from Ken's work is the love of singing hard, passionately, with intensity. I forget what Ken has called it. "Wailing", or "singing his ass off"? I love to sing this way, too, and must learn to do it properly, to extend my range, and to add to my tool belt of tones and textures.

That's it!


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    Welcome to KTVA! We are happy to have you here, and I am sure you will develop beyond expectations if you committ and practise. Just like you, I took some opera lessons in the past, and a lot of what Ken is teaching is coming straight from that school (Bel Canto): support, open throat, vowel modifications etc. But, as you say: hard, passionately and with intensity. The way we like it!

    Look forward to hear more from you!


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