Former engineer and studio musician for Ken Tampln.

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Hello folks, I'm just starting on the DVD's. I've never really sang a note in my life, but now I have a huge desire to do this so I can sing when I play piano in public. I have known Ken for about twenty five years. I was very lucky to be hired by Ken as tracking engineer, multi-keyboardist, orchestrator and conductor on the Magdalen CD. That was a blast working on that CD. My goals are very simple. I wanna be able to sing ten to fifty tunes well so I can sing as I play piano in public. Working with Ken for that five year period was great, I'll never forget it. We basically lived in a recording studio together for many many hours and many moons. ;-) I hope to work again with him in the future. Currently I am very active as a pianist in the Orange County area. Also, Ken Tamplin is a great person to work with and for. He is honest, intense, fun and the hardest worker I have ever know in my life. Working with him for that five year period went as smooth as it possibly could go. Not one issue ever came up in that entire five year period. That's not too common in my professional experience.


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