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Hi , nice to meet you all . My name's Marius , i'm 22years old and i live in Lithuania (probably didn't  heard of it :D ) . I was looking for singing tutors , techniques and etc.. Found a lot of them but it didn't look right somehow. Somehow KTVA video poped in and when i saw it , it just came to me . That's what i need . Plus , i saw A LOT of good feedback on this set . My biggest dream is to be a worldwide singer . Gonna start the DVD set soon and hope for the best. 


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    Welcome, Maurias!!

    It's nice of you to introduce yourself!  You are right, if you want to learn great singing techniques, you have made a good decision to learn with KTVA!!!

    Your voice will grow and grow, once you get started with your KTVA exercises.  It's the beginning of a long journey that will last you the rest of your life! 

    I think you will find that there are others from your country already here!

    We're glad YOU'RE here!



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    Hi Marius!

    We're glad to have you here, and hope to hear from you more as you progress with your singing! Good luck, and ask us if you need any help.


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