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Gargle like sound when singing gruffly. How to get it.

Despite the fact that I have not been doing my singing drills for months I still apply everything
from the KTVA course and can really tell the difference in range and comfort. I will be posting some more
covers I recorded soon. 

One question. When I sing screaming rock stuff it sounds decent, but it gets that's slightly strained sound which many singers use by default.
Some singers have a sortof relaxed gargling sound which I can't get on the notes higher than middle C. Actors also use this sound in military movies when they bark orders, yet I cannot get that sound high like some singers do. Any advice in this regard?


  • JosephJoseph Pro Posts: 260
    The terminology you use is not something i can recognise in the KTVA terminology, and i dare say that most others enrolled here will have a similar issue. Maybe you'd like to show us samples of your own, or an example from youtube.
    You'd also be well served if you gave just a little backgroun of what you have and havent covered in KTVA?
    Have you been through Vols 1,2,3, head building......... etc etc etc. That will give us some idea of where you're at, and how we might best advise you.
  • bandband Pro Posts: 61
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    I have completed levels 1, 2 and 3. 
    Example of seemingly strained sound that many singers use. 

    Examples of more throaty gargle sound. 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P34Msrjn5oA#t=1m35s This one does not seem to work right. example at 1 minute 24 seconds.

    Time stamps fixed so the video will start where the example is. There might be an advertisement on the first one.
  • JosephJoseph Pro Posts: 260
    I am certainly not the resident expert, but i can hear some compression and vocal distortion. Typical rock sound, which KTVA covers well.
    There is ample information on this subject, here in the forum, as well as Vol3, and certainly a lot more on Ken's webinars.
    I'd rather you get advise straight from the horses mouth, as distortion/compression has bought many a singer unsuck. To the point of permanent vocal damage.
    Ken teaches us how to do it safely with his entire program, and well as how to clean the voice up thereafter, and build in long term health and resilience.
    This is subject is definitely best left to the real expert.
  • bandband Pro Posts: 61
    So I remember Ken wrote some great articles on this topic. Maybe even did a webinar. Can anyone pretty please direct me to a page with that info on? Please. :-)
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
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    You can find several topics covering this in the members sections of the Forums.


    Go to the Webinars category of the forums and find the posting titled:

    New Streaming HD Video of KTVA WEBINARS - Watch Them Here!!!

    There are webinars on Glottal Compresson, and Hyper Glottal Compression.  Also How to Sing Heavy.

    There are more, these are just three that come to mind.

    Also you can go to the Vocal Distortion and Glottal Compression category and look for the posting called:

     Singing Heavy - KTVA WayPoint Video. You will find several videos there that will be helpful.



  • bandband Pro Posts: 61
    So somehow I dont understand the forum in the format it is now. I just see the most recent topics. How do I see the members or webinar secions?
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
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    You have to log in, otherwise you will go to a public version of the Forums, which only includes a few categories.

    Member gets you to that.  You are a member of the forum.

    You are listed as "enrolled".  That should provide you access (when logged in) to all of the Volume One areas and the Webinars, as well.


    PRO forum members have access to even more information. PRO designation is given to those who have purchased all three KTVA Volumes.

    Make sure you are logged in.

    The Postings are grouped under each Category.  Only the 5 most recent posts are displayed, but if you go into that category, all of the previous postings in that category are there to be seen.



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