Greetings from a San Diego sailboat

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I have very much enjoyed reading all the insightful posts from other members. I am a 47 year old professional musician/educator and have always considered myself a keyboardist who sings rather than a singer who plays keyboard. I'd like to even up those skill sets and the teachings of Ken look like the right way to go. I am living on a sailboat in San Diego, CA writing a book on Led Zeppelin but want to work on vocal chops so that when I start performing again in the new year I will have kicked it up a few notches. The people walking the docks probably wonder who the oddball on the boat is who keeps saying "It's the law!" Best regards, @GreggAkkerman


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    Cool.  Perhaps it would be fitting if you had a parrot on your shoulder and an eye patch.

    AWWWK!!! It's the LAW!! AWWWK!!!  AWWWWWK!!!


    Glad to make your acquaintance, it's good to know you're here!  Your KTVA course will definitely bring your vocal chops more into line with or surpass your keyboard chops!  Just listen carefully to everything Ken says and do just as he instructs! 

    Welcome aboard, Matey!



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    ShineheadShinehead Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 4
    Thanks Bob. I wonder if "Arrrrrrr" is an acceptable vowel modification :-) Cheers.
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    Living on a sailboat, writing a book about Led Zeppelin? That sounds like my kinda guy! Welcome to KTVA!
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