Hello From Austin!


My name is Max and I live in Austin Texas. I am a multi-instrumentalist who needs to learn how to sing (better than his little brother.) I was one of those people who for a number of reasons wrote singing off. I have been following the program for 2 weeks now and have come away with another point of view, singing is too much fun to be overly critical about it.  


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    That's a great perspective!  Many of us here are like you in the respect that we are finally getting around to developing the vocal aspect to our musicianship. 

    I agree wholeheartedly: Singing is tons of FUN! 

    And if you want to be critiqued, that doesn't have to be a bummer, either.  Learning to sing better is a process that can take many forms, and FUN is a really great way to go about it. 

    Austin is a great place.  Lots of musicians, lots of music happening all around. 

    Go for it, and show that little brother who's the boss!!!  ; ^ )

     Nice to meet you.



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    Welcome to KTVA, Max! Mulit-instrumentalist and a voice, that sounds like a whole band in one person! You'll love KTVA!


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