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Hi guys I've just signed up to audition for the UK Xfactor 2014- Song suggestions/advice...........?

I'm looking for 3 songs that are impressive on a technical level- i.e range etc- as well as being very commercial and mainstream. Im a big fan of Bruno Mars, and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 seems to have that very radio friendly mixed voice that sells huge amounts of records, the same with ryan tedder from One republic. As many suggestions as possible would be greatly appreciated :)- I am a high Tenor- have been doing KTVA coming up to two years now- and its been a fantastic experience- Here are two vocal videos so you can get an idea of what my voice sounds like. 

Thanks for your time guys! :)


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    @Jonny Wilkinson

    It has been great watching and listening to your progress the past year or so. 

    You have improved consistently along your journey.  This will be a great opportunity for you.


    I don't have any particular songs to suggest, but I like the first one you provided the link to.  It's just too long for a TV program or an audition.  I think Bruno or Adam Levine tunes would be a great stylistic choice.  I would advise you to look for songs that tug at the heartstrings, and get there quickly.  Your audition may be cut short or be over before you know it, so don't take too long to show them what you've got to offer.  There will be many applicants and you want to show the judges what you can do, despite the fact that they are listening to perhaps hundreds of auditions.  They will be bored and restless from listening to so many applicants. 

    Surprise them.

    Stand out and shine.  Take them on an emotional roller coaster if you can do so quickly.  Be real.

    Your voice has really grown and you convey a lot of feeling and emotion.  You can do this.

    Good luck!



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    ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    First of all good to hear from you man. I remember those videos, where you were already great, so I would be curious to hear a new one to see how much better you have gotten.

    As for your inquiry, my main suggestion/advice is don't do it... I don't understand why you would commit yourself to a best case scenario of doing crappy pop songs, written by others, for the rest of your life and worst case never be taking seriously as a musician again. Unless your voice has changed a lot it seems much better suited for rock than the kind of stuff Bruno, and especially Levine, are doing. I suppose you could point to David Cook or Daughtry as examples of rock singers who have made it, but then that's just two guys and afaik they both were on the Idol franchise and in America. Just look at Joseph Whelan as an example of rockers getting screwed over because of a lack of pop icon appeal - really a rotten industry to become a part of.
    Not trying to be a dick here, but that is my honest opinion.

    Anyways if you do decide to go on then yeah pick a song that starts off mid-range and has a big/impressive note within 30-40 seconds. If it has some pop-culture relevance it could help, but I would stay far away from mega-hitters like Bruno Mars for the audition. There's going to a billion people doing "When I Was Your Man", and you will need to out sing them all to go through. The live-shows would be a different story.
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    bigbrotherbigbrother Pro Posts: 104
    Jonny sounds better to me than Joseph. I was not impressed by Whelen's vocals or crying.

    At the end of the day though, it does boil down to what type of performer the judges are looking for at the show. I heard some great sounding singers on tv shows that got the boot. I understood then that getting the boot has nothing to do with talent, it just meant that the artist was not what they were looking for. Great example is Blake on the voice and his unusual pick of the litter is young female country singer, or Cee-lo picking a girl with lots of heart and soul.  

    Whatever you do, make sure your songs build to the end. Put yourself out there on a limb and show em that you are an achiever and THE force to contend with.

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    MichaelSMichaelS Pro Posts: 73
    @Jonny Wilkinson
    @ Johnny Wilkinson
    Hi Johnny!
    First of all, you did a great job on singing.
    As for your inquiry
    As for your for your inquiry....
    I recommend to listen to the words of Ragnar. I agree, your voice is more suited to rock than for pop music. In addition,you don't pay attention to how you look. When you go on contest, you not only listen to people also  look at you. What is organic for Bruno Mars, will not be organically for you. He looks femine-like, you look like a brutal macho. With your voice and such a look, you can try to Scorpions-Still lovin you - but it covered hundreds of times. Or this song, very beautiful but not nearly as well-known.
    Check 5.17-how high John West goes
    also piano version
    Again agree with Ragnar-stay away from coomercial hits, because audition forced you to show you range and technical abilities but pop song often has very limited range - people just wanna sing-along. But who can sing-along with 3 octave range? : ^-)
    As for your inquiry
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    Jonny WilkinsonJonny Wilkinson Enrolled Posts: 44
    thanks for the feedback guys! i take everyone's opinion on board :) i totally agree with the cynicism towards the xfactor etc- Its totally about image and how marketable you are to  a mass audience demographic etc. Ive also entered a competition called open mic uk - which is much more based on the vocals and not on your looks and image. I'm not going to win- far from it, but if its enough to get exposure of some kind then i will be grateful. I've entered another 12 competitions for 2014- I know its cliche but one audition song i have chosen is bruno mars- it will rain- singing verse-chorus bridge- i think its a good display of pop range - what do u  think? also I know you guys think im much more rock orientated- but i naturally have a very clean voice, i prefer to sing clean than to add compression- therefore naturally gravitating towards pop. Will post a video of me singing -it will rain -shortly. Everyone's opinion will be greatly appreciated thanks guys. Ive been in several bands that were offered a record/management deal- with small labels.- one thing ive come to realise that if you want to have a chance at being successful in mainstream commercial, you need to buy into that business ( and sell out). I think if u can work the system to you own ends than surely that is one positive thing to come out of an industry that manipulates aspiring artists etc. 
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