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It's been far too long!!

Hello everybody!!

Oh my gosh it's been months! Since the whole college scene started it seems my forum interaction had just completely escaped me:0 but its great to be back!!

I just had a quick link I'd like to post, and perhaps ask for a bit of critiquing? If it's not too much trouble of course, haha.

A few hours ago I three together a song of mine quickly on a recording, and kind of experimented with it a bit, but regardless, I've been through somewhats of a slump lately in my workouts and the past few days have been a bit rough:/ I recorded this song anyway however, but unfortunately the vocals seem to have turned out pretty rough (Especially with the multi tracking at the end. Although a lot of what happens is intended, I seem to have messed up the harmony a bit.

I was just wondering if perhaps any of you would mind giving this song a quick listen and just letting me know whether the vocals are absolutely awful, or just kinda of absolutely awful:0 haha. And if perhaps anyone may have any tips or pinpoints on where I may be coming short or anything, all is obliged:D

Once again, I do realize I'm lacking much on this (Support, mods, etc.) I'm not too sure how that works out, I'm still somewhat of a recording novice, so perhaps I was just a bit intimidated?:p) But regardless, anything is very much appreciated!!

The song is the latest one, entitled "Melatonin". Here is the URL:


Thank you guys so much!!



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359


    It's been so long since we heard from you.

    This is a cool song.  Funny thing, I was in a conversation today that had to do with melatonin... how's that for synchronicity?

    I'm liking your voice in this.  It's very different from anything you've posted in the past.  You sound like a real singer! You're expressing yourself!!

    Yeah, you miss a note or two, but so what? You said it wasn't perfect.  It's real. 

    So don't be a stranger!



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    kamikazekamikaze 2.0 PRO Posts: 193
    Hey thank you so so much @highmtn and @cgreen! ! (I hope those tags worked!:0) I really really appreciate the input.

    As you guys noted, the performance was pretty rough:( I'm hoping to go back over this soon and (hopefully) get a bit of a better sound out of it! Unfortunately I'm not much of an engineer, so I ended up recording this sitting crosslegged of the floor playing guitar and singing while positioning a microphone stand in between my legs and dangling a microphone down to the floor from the stand to achieve somewhat of a pickup, so needless to say, it was somewhat hectic:0

    I totally acknowledge that the performance itself is lacking fairly strongly here, which is why I'd like to revisit it a bit. I very very much appreciate the feedback, however!

    I've been working on quite a few songs recently, it's just been a bit fought to really get them up and running because as I said, I'm not exactly a hero when it comes to recording:0 I'll be working on them though, so hopefully at some point they'll be around.

    Thanks so much again for the input you guys!!


    Oh and P.S. Bob: Haha, really?! I've actually found myself involved in quite a few melatonin conversations since I started messing around with this song, melatonin seems to have become somewhat of a conversation starter!! Lol

    Thanks again!!
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