Hello from Inverness, Florida

Hey Guys and Gals,

My name is Dan Gandee and I live in Inverness, FL. I have been singing for a long time. I sing in Church every weekend and have sang in a few bands over the years. Recently, (within the last 6 months), the band I'm in has become very popular locally and we're booked every weekend. I'm also a seminar speaker for my employment and use my voice all during the week in addition to Friday Night, Saturday Night, and Sunday Morning. It had gotten to the point that my throat was hurting ALL the time. I was actually considering telling my band mates they needed to find another singer as I was not going to be able to continue. One of them suggested maybe I try some vocal lessons to see what I might be doing wrong; So the exploration started...

I bought a course and it helped a little going through those particular exercises, but it was still a struggle. I was considering doing some vocal training online with someone, and then came across one of Ken's Youtube videos. I started exploring the website and what Ken had to say. It really started to make sense to me that if you're going to learn to sing from someone, learn from someone who sings. I purchased the course and man I have got to say, what a difference it has made already. I'm two weeks into the lessons. Still on Volume 1, but what a difference. The thing that excites me the most is that while I see a big difference in how I sing and the register going up already; there's so much more to learn. This guy is the REAL DEAL. 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Ken for putting this together to help us out here that don't know/didn't know what we were doing. I still was pretty scratchy after last weekend, because I don't totally know what I'm doing yet, and am sure I still have some bad habits to get rid of, but I see and hear a HUGE difference. 

Thanks again Ken, and thanks to the other folks who monitor and answer the questions on the forum here. It's really great reading and really answers a lot of questions.

Dan Gandee


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    It's great to have you here and to hear your story!  We're excited about your excitement!!  Ken's program certainly IS the real deal, and you have much to learn.  The good news is that getting there is half the fun!

    So enjoy the ride, and prepare yourself for a journey that will last you the rest of your singing life!





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