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Hi everyone,

I've been working my way through volume 1 for about the last 2 months. I just started dabbling in volume 2. I think my range and confidence has greatly improved but I think I am still struggling with the my tone, support, and other basics. I'm really struggling with the way these basic things are supposed to feel and translate them into singing actual songs. Below are 2 examples of where I'm at. I'd appreciate any feedback and advise anyone can provide. Thanks!!


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    Volumes One and Two are really pretty much Boot Camp for the basic building blocks of singing.  Volume Three is more applicable to actual singing, but even that is still preparatory.   

    You are growing musculature that really takes time to build. 

    That said, you sound good.  You need to improve your support and continue working your exercises to build your range and strength.  Where your voice is breaking up is where you need the support the most. You went flat on the "da, da, da, da" at 1:33 on Hey Jude.

    Some things you are doing right: Nice open throat, good open jaw position.  Your pitch is good.  Posture looks good.  I like your tone. You seem to be keeping your tongue down where it needs to be. 

    These things take time and repeated exercise.  It builds gradually, and sometimes it seems like nothing is changing.  That just means you have hit a plateau and you'll be cresting the hill soon. 


    Have you checked out all the videos that are listed under the Volume One section of the Forum?

    If not, go to the Volume One category of the Forums and look for the post titled

    ****HOW TO DO THE VOLUMES**** Watch This Video FIRST!!!!

    Watch that video, and keep going...




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