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Slaves and Bulldozers

freedomfreedom Posts: 30Enrolled
edited January 2012 in Ken Tamplin's Corner
Hey, I've been doing the lessons and I'm on stage 3 now. I've gotta say my voice has drastically improved and I'm very thankful for Ken doing this and having all the resources up.

I know you (Ken) are an amazing singer and you've done countless vocal demonstrations. I was wondering if you could maybe do some Chris Cornell and in particular Slaves and Bulldozers. To me this song is just insane and I would love to see someone other than Cornell sing it.


  • timitzitimitzi Posts: 14Enrolled
    edited July 2012
    Holy damn, this song is tricky! The super-high notes (though already tricky) are not even the most difficult part about the song, I find the passagio-jumps around 4th and 5th octave especially hard...
  • freedomfreedom Posts: 30Enrolled
    Exactly. I've been trying to sing it and I think I'm getting alright, I'd like to upload it but I can't right now.

    But ya Chris has so much power everywhere in his range and especially in that middle between F# to C. For me once I get into pure head voice above high C I'm pretty much fine as long as I use lots of support, but having that heavy awesome sound between G4# and C while saying thing rather than staying on one vowel is where it gets really difficult
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