Hoping I can stick to this!

Hi Everyone,

A family man, a business man, but secretly wishing I was a full time music man, instead of the few precious hours I get up in my studio late at night!

Not a unique story I know:)

I also have many interests, and a tendency to start things and not finish them..so here's hoping I'll push through. I am going to try and use this forum as a sort of accountability buddy!

Here is where I am at vocally:


And I am starting from scratch with Volume 1, wanting to strengthen my chest voice a bit, as I think my head voice is starting to dominate.( I feel the former sounds better..)

Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself..happy Boxing day!



  • TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269
    Hi! I know what you're talking about, not finishing things. But with KTVA it is different for me. I have such passion for singing, and the results I  get are so clear that it is fuel for my dedication. Hope you will feel he same. WELCOME!  

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    Hi, Anton!

    You sound really good.  A little airy, but then that's the style you are intending to emulate.

    KTVA can certainly grow your chest voice BIG TIME.


    On behalf of all of the other family men and women, and business men and women, and secret wishers to be full-time music persons here, welcome to our world!!

    There is always room for more dreamers and becomers here!  We will help you stick to this!!  


    Jump in and see what you become!

    : ^ )



  • antcuriousantcurious Pro Posts: 7
    Thanks Trine and Bob! Looking forward to annoying my neighbours with some serious wailing!
  • antcuriousantcurious Pro Posts: 7
    Hi Everyone,

    2-ish months in and thought  I would provide an update to my progress, here is one of my latest vocal performances...note especially some of the high notes on the chorus backing vox, Ken's vowel modifications helped me to sing them in a more relaxed way and get more power into them.

    Anyway hope this proves to be some encouragement to anyone, I still have a long way to go but enjoying singing with this method immensely!

    Kind regards
  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    @antcurious. Great tone and a great song. Good work so far I can't wait to see your progress with the program.
  • antcuriousantcurious Pro Posts: 7
    Thanks @sspatrick ! Like others, I am a bit unsure when to go to volume 2..but there is no rush:)
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