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Help: Girlfriend won't sing

After a little more than a year of being a huge fan of KTVA and after being on Vol. 1 for a couple of weeks, I decided to finally register on the forums. 
And I'm not entirely sure where to put this, so if I picked the wrong category then my bad. 

I've been wanting to get the program for a little more than a year, doing pretty ok on my own. However, it hasn't been possible due to economic issues. I decided to take the huge step and get Volume 1 about a month back, and it was amazing. 
So I thought I'd also buy a copy for my girlfriend, for christmas. She used to love singing, and couldn't stop doing it. But once she started taking vocal lessons in the town where we live, her self-confidence sort of dropped - within weeks. And it just kept on going. It went as far as her quitting singing completely and not being able to talk without hating her own voice. 

She was quite literally in tears (of joy) when she opened her gift, and I promised I'd be there to support her as best possible. So we started doing the course together, but when it came to the actual practical use she couldn't. She barely made a noise and teared up. As she describes it: "I have a really weird fear of me failing, cause I know I'll get annoyed and angry at myself. It's a really bad feeling." 

The only times I've heard her sing this past year or so is when there's a song on the radio playing loudly, and she says it's cause there's "not only her voice" playing. 
I'm not sure what to do, cause I just want to get her on her legs again. What do you guys think? 

If it helps, here's an example of her singing about 5 months back or so. She wanted to do it herself, but it required a lot of support from me to get her through it. 

Apologies if my english is bad - I'm born Canadian but I've lived in Sweden for most of my life. 

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    PontusLindbergPontusLindberg Member Posts: 8
    @highmtn Thank you so much for the reply! I agree completely and I've told her these things. I think that her past vocal training has affected her a lot in negative ways, her instructor would mislead her and as she describes it, tear her self-image and confidence completely. Hopefully that's about to change :)
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