Hello from a canaswede

"Canaswede" means I'm born canadian, but I've lived in Sweden since 5 years of age. People aren't too fond with me being neither, so that's what I've chosen to call my nativity! 
I'm Pontus, 18 years old and I've been playing music for as long as I recall. I decided to try singing out when I started writing songs in 2009, since I couldn't find anyone to sing them for me! I decided to take it to the next level about a year back, after coming across KTVA. However, due to economic issues, I wasn't able. 

About two months back, I decided to take the step I've wanted to take for about a year and a half - to finally get HTS-series. I decided to start of with Volume 1, but I'm moving into Volume 2 soon.
Here's a recording I made 3 weeks after starting the course. I've never experienced such improvements in my voice before, and I'm definitely looking forward to improving even further.


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    Sounds pretty good. Your screams hurt my throat, though.  Be careful with that stuff.  You won't be studying Glottal Compression until you reach Volume 3.  Your cords may not last that long.  Your voice does sound good.  Let's not blow it out!

    I like the drive of your mix (at high volume).  Also, that's a really good live drum mix, good job on that.

    Sounds kinda canaswedeian.

    ; ^ )


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