Hello from Toronto, Ontario - Pop Singer Wannabe !


I'm from Toronto, ONtario, Canada. Currently have a cold. 

I was reading the book called Mastery by Robert Greene, and he talked about going back to your calling, and I feel that singing is my calling. Everytime I sing or try to sing, I love it. It just makes me happy, it's a hard feeling to describe. 

Whenever, I'm doing something boring, I put on my favourite tunes and sing along. 

I haven't been singing lately, but there was a time I was recording a lot of videos on youtube.

I'm kinda of weird, because I sing songs in different languages. 

I'm probably singing wrong, because after singing for a few songs, I feel my voice is sore, so I want to learn how to do it right. 

Just briefly going through the volume 1 and it seems very intimidating, but I know that it's because I'm new to this , so I will slowly get used to the terms, like larynx, pharynkx. 

Had to do some googling for those terms. 

Hope to sing like my favorite pop artists like Jason Mraz, Ken Hirai, Jay Chou. 


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    Hello, @langknow,

    Welcome.  Don't be intimidated by the information and exercises in Volume One.  Just dig in.  Pay close attention to what Ken is showing you, and watch the videos multiple times. It can seem overwhelming at first because there is a lot of information coming at you all at once. 

    Your voice should not get sore after singing.  You are overdoing it in some area for sure when you have discomfort.

    Listen to the lessons and practice the exercises diligently and you should notice your voice beginning to grow and transform.  Listen carefully to your pitch on your recordings and pay close attention to learning to properly support your voice.

    Nice to meet you!


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    Did my first hour of training. Some things are still unclear for me, like chest voice and head voice, so I'm doing some googling. 

    But from what I found out, chest voice is when you're singing and you feel the vibrations in the lower part of your voice, but when I'm doing the "IT's the la, Ah", I don't feel it in my chest, Just mostly my neck and maybe I'm starting to high. 

    So Headvoice is just the sound that comes from the neck right ? 
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    @langknow‌ Welcome. The Lah it's kind of like when the doctor tells you to open up and say ahh. It gives the sound nice bright resonance and opens up to the vocal tract. I encourage you to watch closely in volume 1 where Ken demonstrates what it should look and feel like. Head voice is more like when you feel the resonance/sound vibration in your head and face. You have to allow the sound to get smaller as you go up the scale and modifying the vowels helps this along while support keeps you connected. It takes some time to get all these things to work together. Just stick with it and do it lightly at first. Power comes later..and listen to Ken..over and over. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
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