Hello. I'm Corey from Arizona

Well, I've been debating for 3 years to purchase and finally did last month for my family and I.  I've been going through the material on my own and am trying to still get up the confidence just to sing to myself out loud, but have made strides.  I still can't sing in front of my wife. (embarrased).  I've watch the majority of the videos and am understanding the concept and structure of vocals and singing. It makes sense and am taking notes.  

I also have a question though regarding what I think may be a natural vocal effects that some people have.  I'm not sure if this falls under vocal distortion or glottal compression though and I haven't seen a clear demonstration on this type either.  The sound is usually found transitioning from a high note to a lower note or vice versa.  I'm originally a drummer so to me it sounds like what they'd call a "rough".  Another analogy would be like the uvula is bouncing really fast over a nice pitch or tone.  You can hear samples in Thousand foot Crutch's courtesy call when the vocalist sings "Hey.....yo', <-------- there comes a danger, blah blah blah" when the drummer starts playing sixteenths on the hats in the beginning of the song.  Or even in hailstorms "i miss the misery" when kicks in by stating "I'm telling you" after the first verse.  These are a couple examples though I've heard a lot of people use this effect.  Ken, can you tell me where that falls and what it's possibly called?



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    Hello, @coreys,

    Welcome to the KTVA Forums. That was a nice present you got for your family. Try to find a place or time where you can start doing the audio workouts and start getting a feel for singing out loud.  Try to do the exercises exactly the way Ken shows you in the videos.  Pay attention to all of the details.  It all seems basic but it's the foundation for the voice.  You'll begin to get the feel of it, once you get started and keep going.

    I'm a drummer also.  I listened to those tunes you mentioned, but I'm not sure what the lick is that you are likening to a drummer's ruff.  Perhaps you meant a an upwards or downwards slide, siren, or a glottal stop.

    At any rate, get started with your vocal program and know that we're glad you're here! 

    Prepare to ROCK!!!




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    coreyscoreys Pro Posts: 2
    Hi Bob,

    It has been a while since I logged in as I became sick just prior to the original post and worsened shortly after. I am functional now and was reviewing the pro video area, but notice even though I have a pro status, I don't have a password to see the vimeo videos. How do I obtain that?

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    The password is written under the video 😉
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