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AMAZING SINGER. One of my best inspirations.. Possible get this kind of singing through KTVA?

dk_dk_ Member Posts: 32
Without personal LIVE training? Strictly through KTVA.
I tried singing for years without training.. developed bad habits and had no improvement in wanting
start my singing career. especially through youtube first. Now I want to take it all the way and see where I GO!!
I am a baritone and I heard he is aswell

A Great Big World - Say something Cover

Adele - Set fire to the rain cover


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357

    This is inspiring, as you said. 

    Can you get there from here?  How badly do you want it?  It's a lot of work if you're not there yet. 

    KTVA has real tools that will build your voice like no other method.  If you apply them and apply yourself you will make serious gains in your vocal abilities.

    So much of this depends upon you, your commitment to follow-through and put in the time, effort, and focus required to get to a point like this.

    If you have the drive and desire, and apply that to KTVA, you will take your voice farther than with any other home method.  The rest is up to you!



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    dk_dk_ Member Posts: 32
    Thank you for the words!

    I do have the drive and will do whatever it takes to get there!
    From committing to the lessons and going through with youtube. I will get there!
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