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Comments on my singing

I have been doing the KT cd for a few months now and watched the demonstrations a bunch of times I did a song earlier and I wanted to get some comments on what I could do to improve.

Here is the video it is short so it shouldn't be too painful on the ears. Thanks for any feedback.



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    XGeneralZodXGeneralZod Member Posts: 13
    Thank you for listening! So I basically need to work on the pitch and also breath support. Was there anything positive from this clip? Will work on it more
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    XGeneralZodXGeneralZod Member Posts: 13
    Thanks much appreciated!
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359


    You have potential.  That is a positive.  The notes that you sang that were on pitch were good. Take heart in that and begin to strengthen your voice.

    You mostly were lost on the low notes, as far as drifting off pitch.  Your high notes were more on-key.

    You can concentrate on your vocals by either using karaoke tracks or by pre-recording the guitar and then singing along to the pre-recorded guitar.  That way you can lock in on your vocal technique and give it your full attention.  You have a voice that can be developed much further.

    I salute you, XGeneralZod!


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    XGeneralZodXGeneralZod Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for listening! It is great to have some direction. I have never sang before. I know that doesn't come as a big surprise lol. I will try what you said and hopefully I'll have something awesome to post in the future :)
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