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When I'm doing the vocal 1 workout I can reach the high C and I feel NO dryness or scratchy feeling. But after singing about 3-4 minutes into a song that has notes in the F-G# area my voice starts to feel dry & less resilient. In response, I've tried 1) Brightening my tone in order to maintain cord closure-if that's a wrong idea then enlighten me to why the bright tone. 2) increasing support- I know you can't have too much support-I'm still working on developing the proper way of support. I get annoyed because I can only sing for a short amount of time and I sacrifice the energy of the song by dropping the key of the song in order to preserve my voice. This demo is really short and it's probably the 7th take. I'd appreciate feedback and tips. 

Any ways that I can prohibit that dryness and increase resilience? It's also hard to maintain a bright tone consistently-any tips? I'm really concerned because I don't want to ruin my voice and permanently damage it. YIKES! Also I appreciate all the support and immediate help from the KTVA moderators. You all are amazing! Thank you!

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    I always forget to post it LOL:
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    Thanks @cgreen!  You might be correct when You say that I might be confusing good support with pushing too much air. How can I work on this and how can I translate and incorporate that into singing songs? "If you could give an example of the song your are referring to, that would greatly be appreciated", does that mean you want the entire song that I posted above from the original singer or you want me to sing the entire song? Any more suggestions or comments would be beneficial. Thanks :)
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    Thank you 2 @joseph & @highmtn! I really appreciate your encouragement, advice and immediate replies :)
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