Hi Guys! I finally uploaded my singing for some serious advice lol (couldnt post in demo sec)

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Hey guys! so before I get into it, I just started Vol. 1 about 1 week ago.
I have seen some improvements and a dramatic decrease of strain in my throat!
What my problem and issue is that I dislike my voice and how do I make the higher parts stronger? As in a more chesty sound.

I want to be powerful as these singing the same song:

Here then there's me... : * NOTE : I know there was a very bad pitch and tone error near the end, I didn't want to be too loud and I ended up making a mistake lol

Cover from a WHILE back



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    tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 209

    Hi @dk_

    Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you. Unfortunately this server does not always notify us when a new forum topic has been made. How are you going with it all these past 6 months?

    The links you have provided are now on "private" and cannot be viewed. If you would still like to post an audio/video of you singing Id be more than happy to take a look and provide you with the best advice I can.

    Good singing to you!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    This wasn't actually a case of an ignored posting.  This was a case where the original poster posted more than one copy of basically the same message, and posted it in more than one place.

    We answered this one here:


    When this happens, forum members aren't going to answer the same question in two or more different places.

    I guess it was my bad to not clean up the debris left behind in the abandoned posting, as it did appear that nobody had responded to the student when in fact there were many responses, just in the other posting that asked basically the same thing.  That's something I meant to go back and do once the dust settled, but I lost track of it.  Sometimes these things both take on a life of their own and then we have kind of a Frankenstein posting where someone replies on one duplicate and the person they are talking to responds in the other.

    My apologies for not getting that one cleaned up.

    Students, please try to find the right category to post your messages and requests for help.   And please don't ask the same thing in more than one place.  We're doing our best to take care of you, but multiple requests for the same thing can create clutter and extra work for those who are here to help you!

    I'm not picking on you, dk_

    We don't boss people around here very much. 


    : ^ )





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