Howdy from Ancient Xi'an

Hi there ALL,

My name's Johan, and I'm a Canadian living/working in Xi'an, China.

Started the Ken Tamplin program, VOL I, about a month and a half ago.

Things are going well with it; I'm getting accustomed to the breathing and I'm doing the 'Dude's Vocal Workout' regularly.

I had a bit of a lung infection about 3 weeks ago and had to take a break from the workouts since there was some pressure developing in my sinuses and I couldn't hear fully out of my right ear.  I was a bit crushed because I had a feeling that this would halt and possibly destroy any progress I'd made.  When I started doing the workouts again, it seems that my range is not the same as it was and I'm feeling tension again when getting to the final scale in the workout at the highest chord. 

Has anyone else experienced this?  Is it better to try and be disciplined with the audio exercises/scales when we're ill to not undo any progress we have made? 

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Nice to meet you ALL!




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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
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    A lung infection is something that is serious and warrants proper rest and medical treatment in order to recover sufficiently before pushing yourself again.

    Generally we sing through our colds and sore throats unless there is actual hoarseness happening.  In this case, you were wise to lay out for a while.

    Don't be too worried about your setback.  We all will experience them from time-to-time.  We will also have leaps and bounds that will boost us along.  You will make up the "lost ground" and then some. 

    You need your lungs and ears in good shape, so get over your infection and then get ready to rock again!

    This is just a momentary pause in your journey.



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    Johan_KaleviJohan_Kalevi Pro Posts: 171
    Hello highmtn,

    Nice to meet you and thank you for your feedback and reassurance.  Both much appreciated.

    I vowed not to rush this program and I'm sticking to my guns.  It is very much a 'journey' as you've described, and it's important to enjoy it as much as the destination.  No journey is without a struggle or 10 haha


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    TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269

    Hi Johan

    I sometimes take breaks from singing, because I have asthma that sometimes is a problem when I get a severe cold. I listen to my body and take a rest from singing when it doesn't feel good. Don't be afraid to undo your progress. Life goes up and down, and so does singing sometimes. It will get back, and things don't have to be perfect all the time. I have noticed that it comes easily back, like it is in the muscle memory, or body memory. It takes much faster to get back in shape now than it did getting to the same stage when you were in the beginning. So my advice is to listen to your body and take it step by step.

    I know Ken has said that we can rehearse even if we are sick (but I think it depends on what kind of sickness), to stay avoid downtime from singing. Just ask your body what feels right.


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    Johan_KaleviJohan_Kalevi Pro Posts: 171

    Hi Trine

    Nice to meet you!

    Thanks for your reply.  I'd totally have to agree with your comment.  With our voice being our instrument, we can't just go out and get another one, right? 

    If we aren't blindly ambitious, I think we can, and need to, be gentle with ourselves. 

    I took a 2-week break (which felt like a lot longer) and it probably was the wisest choice I could have made.  I've been disciplined and back at the scales/vocal exercises and am quite satisfied being back to where I had been.  Gotta love that 'muscle/body memory' - even in the early stages; such as myself.

    I've just begun a 10-day holiday (Chinese New Year time) and I'm tinkering with the notion of cracking open Vol II after running through the 'moving targets' checklist tomorrow - and listening to a recording I'll make of the last exercise from the Vol I vocal workout.

    Thanks again!



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