"You can't sing."

I love writing songs and even recording them.  I am passionate about music and expressing myself through song.

I knew I wasn't a good singer, but I want to be the best I can be.  It hurts when people tell you, "You can't sing."  Final straw was my wife.  That's when I decided, "Hell with it, I have a voice, and sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's OK.  Let's make it as best as it can be."

OK, old school blue collar background:  it will take WORK.  If you want it, you gotta but in the effort.  I am prepared to do that, and this is the program for me.  Already, I am singing with more confidence, more in tune, and louder in the higher notes.  Have a LONG way to go, but watch out, I'm going to unlock this thing.




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