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Can i really learn to sing?!?!?!?

saliho44saliho44 Member Posts: 15
I'm a 14 years old male. I really love singing. The problem is anytime i sing, people always prey for me to shut up. is not like they are being mean, I myself think i sound like a dying cat. Evan i'm not a natural born singer. I'm very determine to learn. I just recently save up my money and brought superior singing method by Aaron Anastasia, but that done seem to be working. Until recently I saw Ken Tamplin video on youtube. The man is awesome. I was just wondering is it possible for me to come from sounding like a dying cat to have a beautiful voice? 


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359


    Ken's methods can definitely have a profound effect on your voice.  From your description, you seem to be saying that when you sing, people don't like what they hear.  If your problem is being able to tell if you are on pitch, that can be one of the hardest things to learn.  Ken has a program called Basic Pitch which can help singers who are having trouble getting a handle on pitch.  Pitch can be a problem that can take time, effort, and determination to fix.  That said, progress can be made. If pitch is your problem, you will have to really learn some new skills that may be challenging. 

    You can learn to improve your tone, as well.  Your range can expand. 

    KTVA is a course that starts with the basics of how to sing properly and starts to rocket shortly after that.

    There are a number of moderators and very helpful students here on Ken's forums that will listen to your demos and give you help and suggestions on areas of the course you may need to concentrate on. 

    Wouldn't it be nice to transform a dying cat into a Rocking, Roaring LION?!!!

    All the Best!





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    saliho44saliho44 Member Posts: 15
    @highmtn Very inspiring!! Thank you
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