Where I Was & What Brought Me Here

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Back in November 2013, I was surfing through YouTube (which can be tricky in China ;) ) and I came upon, for the first time, some of Ken's videos.  I thought "Yeah, that guy can sing!"  As I scrolled through the comments, I read a few from him which mentioned he did free 'Vocal Evaluations' by simply sending him an MP3 file.

I've attached a Soundcloud link of the song I'd sent.  It's an original of mine.  I've been writing music since I was about 18 years old and started singing 'seriously' at about 16 in some varied high school bands. 

I love music and love making it.  I pretty much record demos from my home here in Xi'an.  A simple Behringer USB microphone recorded through Adobe Audition for Windows and an acoustic.  In this track, I used a drum loop from drumbot.com -

Ken's breakdown of the song was, I felt, terribly accurate, and really got me thinking about why I 'don't mind' my voice after recording it, but I'm never satisfied.  SUPPORT. 

I decided to sign up for the KTVA course because I wanna once and for all kick the support monkey's behind and actually try to make some headway with my solo career.  I've got lots of original songs, which I believe have potential, but the symptom is always the same.  Support, support, support.  It haunts me lol  Literally HAUNTS me!

In the end, I'm gonna win this FIGHT with my diaphragm and all the other interdependent facets that go along with it - and I'm really gonna ROCK this thing.  I'm gonna take my time, and I'm gonna have to work hard, too.  It's nice to be on this journey with all the others here at the KTVA forums.  I'm really enjoying my time here.

Anyway, to make a short story long, I invite you all to have a listen and welcome any of your feedback.  You can also click to see the lyrics at the soundcloud link.





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