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jay buchanan, in my opinion the best rock vocalist out there now


  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    edited February 2014
    Probably my favorite band that's active. Rock n' Roll is coming back baby! Have you seen them live Louis? I only discovered them about a year ago and was gutted to find out that they had visited my city like 2 weeks beforehand, but haven't been here since :(
    I worry slightly about Jay when he does his massive notes up round D5-E5. They sound awesome but will he be able to sustain it, since it's almost all chest?
    I just hope he maintains the sweetness of his light singing while still doing the balls to the walls belting.

    This is one of my favorite videos of his singing (with Scott kicking ass on the Open F# as usual). Skip to the 2minute mark for the start of the song.
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 122
    hey man ive been a fan for a long time, hes great, i was never sure what technique he used but im sure its similar to kens! its safe to say im obsessed by the band! and fingers crossed my band shall be supporting them soon!  i have also seen them live! again amazing live! ive managed to what i think is healthy high notes now, i sing along to rival sons alot and can stick to most songs. i really wana add grit to my sound though! but need to work on glottal compression! do you get much of that in volume 2 as i still havnt decided which too get!
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 122
    this is my band live i scoop up to what i think is a pretty safe D5 here what do yah reckon?
  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410

    That would be a sick gig to land! Would that be a tour in America or a Europa leg?
    And yeah I think you sound very safe, nicely clean and projected. Your kind of sound is pretty much what I'm trying to get to myself, but I'm still struggling to get into the C#5-E5 area in a controlled fashion. Do you remember how you figured it out yourself, or did it just happen by itself at a young age?
    If you could add some grit to turn on at will it would certainly give you another dimension. I'm pretty sure it's only in volume 3 - and some webinars - that Ken talks about Hyper Glottal Compression (which is the basis for Ken's distortion technique).
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 122
    Yea man im pretty excited, been talking to mike the drummer and hes very interested too! great thats good to know man! im hitting even higher notes now that was a good few months back, but your right i want to add more grit, i do have it a bit more lately but i really want more so its fuller sounding, as far as tips on how ive done it, it kind of just happened, i put together what i could from volume one, so when i hit the big notes i have a wide mouth and my tongue is right down! its alot to do with the mind though i feel man! just got to let it all go! ahhh right well im really indecisive stuck on which volume to go for, i have loads of people saying im ready for 3, but then a few saying i should do all volumes. !!! its wrecking my mind a bit haha!
  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    edited February 2014
    Sounds awesome. If you do hit Copenhagen or thereabouts I will standing right in front of the stage haha!
    In terms of the volumes, are they priced the same? I feel that volume 1+3 is where the meat is whilst volume 2 is mainly a recap of the volume 1 theory, with some added scales.
    Here are two quick screenshots showing the video contents of the two volumes:

    If you buy both though, I think you also get the videos of head voice building.
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 122
    Only thing is i cant fund both haha im a poor musician remember ! in your opinion do you think i sound ready for vloume 3 anyway? volume 3 is a little more, thanks for the screen shots, do u have a shot of the audio? basically all im asking is do you think im ready for 3 right away judging by my videos? which volume are you on 3 right? 
    appreciate your help and time! and yes if you message me il get you backstage man! 
  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    Haha yeah I know the feeling mate, I'm struggling to scrape some money together for a Gibson myself. But yes you are easily ready for volume 3 in terms of applying the theories that are taught. Screenshots of the audio portion won't help I'm afraid since they are just called "track 1, track 2 etc."
    I suspect there will be a difference in difficulty between the vol2/3 scales, but I can't imagine you would find it too difficult to get through since you already have the range. I can't comment more in-depth on the audio scales, since I don't really use them myself. Very much apropos your point about the mental aspect, doing strict scales usually just tenses me up so I prefer improvising my own slides & scales (oftentimes based on just singing various songs on a vowel).
    To sum up: I would get vol.3 if I were you and had to choose between the two. The videos are where the real value is more so than the audio tracks.
    And yeah sounds good man haha, I would be sure to put the word out as well if you guys hit the city. I think actually the Rival Sons will have built up enough of a fanbase in Denmark to sell out Vega by now, which has a 1500 capacity.
  • louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 122
    yea man, although a Gibson is slightly more pricey! ahhh thats great to hear man, i think i am to, and if im not 100% all it will take is a little extra hard work! ahhh yea of course my mistake! the shots you gave me are more than helpful! ahh really how come you dont use them? il see how it goes when i get it :) yea i like to improvise too! great thanks for the help man its  invaluable. ye please do dude spread the word! id love to play there! 
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