Vocal Demo's-Mull of Kintyre

Hi Bob. Ive posted 2 demo's here actually. Both of them have a mid voice tone to it all (no belting here). What I can say though Bob, is that my belting is coming along really well now (thats all I seem to be doing these days). With these 2 I'm obviously after your thoughts on these ones. One thing that I am really focusing on these days (when belting especially) is to relax more....I used to find that after a session Id feel a bit fatigued around the upper shoulder area and around the sides and back of the neck....not a lot but noticeable. However, lately this is not the case. I feel quite relaxed really and man it helps. So, I'm keeping that jaw dropped (ahh) and being more relaxed. I use a lot of mask when I sing as well (I find this is it for me) and of course really,really focusing on my support ALWAY'S!......OK so the first tune is Mull of Kintire....Ive miced up the vocals here and have given you the recording of the first part (Ive left in the bagpipe section.....love it!) The second is 'Nothing else matters'....the vocals are pretty much how Ive mixed it....sorry its a bit low here...but Ive sent it anyway.
Cheers Bob....Tom


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    Thanks Tom, @highmtn this one is for you. Tom I just checked your links and unfortunately they are not available to listen to. Perhaps try re-uploading and see if that works.

    Good singing to you


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    Yes, Tom mentioned something recently about his hard drive crashing and taking out some of his recordings.  I hate when that happens.

    I believe he is in recovery mode or perhaps re-record mode for these tunes. 

    Tom has really come a long way over the past year or so.  He is applying the methods and a diligent student!

    I know he will share with us when he gets more recordings completed.



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