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Hi Ken...Kiki Here...been at least a year...question for you..

Hi Ken, Kiki here...I know you have a large number of students all over the world so hopefully I can briefly jog your memory. A year ago I had a plate put in on my spine that went on C4-C6 roughly. After the surgery my voice was a disaster. I was a very strong singer with a large range. Post op my voice was feable and weak. It still is. I can't control the tone, pitch, or anything for that matter. I posted that video of me doing the vocal lessons and then a horrible sounding Evergreen by Streisand to show you the lack of everything. You asked me some questions which I responded too but never heard back from your side.

Long story short...I went into a pity party because of the hardships my family (Gen- disabled daughter... etc..) have endured so stopped trying at everything. Okay, so the Lord put me back in shape and I'm ready to try again. I have started the exercises. What I need to know is how to strengthen that wobbly, weak wet paper of vocal cords that I now have. I can still sing with power from my diagram but only within a certain range. You mentioned something about having to use extreme power but didn't get into detail. Could you guide me in the right direction again please? Thanks Kiki ~


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    Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446
    Hi Kiki,

    I believe I responded back to your video quite a while back in fact I believe you sent it through Google plus when it first started from what I remember (or something like that :-)

    At any rate, what rehabilitating measures are you taking for your back?
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    KiKi HilarioKiKi Hilario Member Posts: 5
    I'm sorry...I wonder why I couldn't find anything on that,,,I'm not computer/program savvy. At any rate..I went to an ENT in Omaha who specializes in vocal cords and works with the Opera singers there (etc). We scoped them while he had me make sounds. And also had me do a series of exercises. He said there is was no physical damage and that my speaking voice was fine.
     He then said, (direct quote) "because both of these things are fine and you don't do anything useful with your singing, there is nothing more I can do for you except refer you to some vocal instructors that I know. That may or may not help but as far as I'm concerned the physical health of them looks fine."
     At the begining he had asked me what I sing so i gave him a run down of the various genre. His last response almost make me choke laughing...he then said something like..."one thing I do know is that singing rock and other hard music isn't going to make anything better. It is too harsh on the cords and only causes you to sound the way you do. You need professional lessons to stop causing the tinny, uncontrolled sound you carry and to lesson the harshness that occurs.
    So that was that...It took everything in me to simply smile and say thank you and not run out the door as fast as I could...I decided to keep my alter ego,  a truck driving sailor of a mouth on a leash. What a good girl:)
    The speech therapists I have spoken with all agree the best thing I can do is to work on vocal exercises. 
    So I have kept my home humidified (good for the instruments anyways), use Zink lozenges on occassion, drink 8 - 10 bottles of water a day, get better sleep, and vitamins, and started with Divas 1 again. I then moved up to Divas 2 which I do at least 5 times a week. I have begun to move to Divas 3 afterwards to expand the range again. It seems for me that the D 2 keeps them healthy and limber while the D 3 actually increases my range. 
    My range was very large. I had good use of head voice and great power and versatility with my chest voice. I could easily roll with Celine Dion. Now, David says I should should just stick to my "new" range which is now an Ann Murphy and Kathy Tricolli. I simply refuse to! 

    1. So do I really belt out the exercises from belly making sure there the connection between head and chest is good (working as high and low as my range is) or work every thing softly and precisely? 
    2. Do I sing strong and loud from my chest within my low range or soft and head voice making sure tone and pitch are perfect? 
    3.  How much should/can I exercise/sing every night to see better results? You tell me three hours everyday - and at 7 days a week and I will do it. I just need to know what is best and safe. 
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