VOLUME ONE: Am I doing these exercises correctly? (Lah and Laa vocal sample included)

Hey just wanted to get some quick feedback on the lah and the laa exercise.

I know it sounds like someones having a bad day on the toilet but I tried to use that nasty sound that Ken talked about. Plus I know my pitch is off a couple of times and I'm working on that with the Basic Pitch programm. Just wanted to know if its bright enough and if this is the correct way to stretch chest.

Also am I going into head voice or is that still chest on the top notes?

Another question is: what am I? a high-bari or tenor..or?

I accidently posted this in the wrong section but a bunch of thanks to sspatrick ;)





Thanks alot dudes and divas,



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353

    Hi, @Kevin20

    On your first Lah exercise, you aren't following the melody on the first two scales, then you start making it up to the top note on the third scale.

    You do sound bright, but you may be raising your larynx to get the bright sound.  You don't want to raise your larynx, as that will close off your throat as you sing higher.  You want to get the brightness by opening up the throat and bouncing the sound off your hard palate and teeth.  Really try to make it ping.

    You are not going into head voice on the first scale.  You do make it all the way up to B4 in chest voice, so you could be a high bari or a tenor.

    The AA is similar to the Lah.  You have trouble with the lower pitches, but get it right after the first few scales.  A few notes slip off-pitch slightly, but you said you know that already.  It's not that bad.  You just need to keep practicing and also working with the concepts Ken trains you on in the Basic Pitch Program.

    Also I do not hear any vowel modifications happening.  Those will help you in your upper regions. 

    Work on your light scales and learn to transition into head voice.  Once you get that down, a whole new set of notes will become available to you.




  • Kevin25Kevin25 Enrolled Posts: 16
    Hey @highmtn thanks alot for your quick response.Yeah the low notes are a bit hard ;) I keep trying to prevent from going into head voice because I really want to start out by stretching the chest voice first and then do the workout twice ( light to cancel the yodel and strong to stretch chest) and I think that's why I keep tensing up. I guess I still haven't gotten the feeling of correct support yet :/ So all in all I was doing it almost correctly but need to watch the larynx and modify am I right?? And another thing so I did go into head voice on both samples? Cause I didn't feel a flip. I'm a bit confused on what sounds how in my own voice but seem to know that when listening to others... Thanks a bunch. I've read so much here in the forum (which looks way better btw) but it's always different when getting feedback on your own voice.
  • Kevin25Kevin25 Enrolled Posts: 16
    Hey got a new vocal sample:

    Again I know I drifted off pitch a few times but please review this just for its brightness and if it is the right way to perform the exercise.

    I still need to practice vowel mods so I know there should be some at the top.

    This time I kept my jaw static that's why there are no pure lahs.

    Btw should I purposely lower my larynx or will that happen automatically?
    My throat was totally open (used a mirror) and the uvula rose like kens.
    Hope this time I'm on the right track cause it kinda feels right ;)

    Thanks for your support guys and gals.

  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353

    On your first two sound files you do not go into head voice at all.  It's all in chest voice.

    Same on the new vocal sample today.  No head voice.  Brightness is OK but could be a little brighter.


    Start practicing on lighter scales and bridging into head voice.  You need to be learning that now, also.

    Don't wait until you have "finished" stretching chest voice, because you may continue stretching chest voice for the next three years, and you don't want to wait to start developing your head voice until then.

    Get started now, and also continue alternately working on stretching your chest voice.  Do both jobs, and start concurrently working on both now.


    Keep up the good work!



  • Kevin25Kevin25 Enrolled Posts: 16
    @highmtn thanks a lot man. Now I finally feel like I know how to practice correctly and a few things got clearer now.

    Have a good one.

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