7 weeks in: workout-feedback anyone??

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

I'm Chris from Germany, although currently residing in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria. I write my own songs, and I have been practicing with Volume One since about New Year, and what should I say,  I'm slowly growing comfortable with my voice. Which is kind of miracle, admittedly haha. Comfy enough to go to my first open mic just last week, and sing my own songs alone with nothing but my guitar. Messed up a lot parts still, but nothing serious. no great singing either, but certainly not grating on (my own) ears. So I'm already quite satisfied with myself. Credits go to Ken, because his stuff actually does work, (and is furthermore marketed in way that creates great buy-in), to my humble self for practicing my ass off, and also this community here, which is providing some amazing value. Matter of fact I am still quite surprised how much of the value of KTV resides actually here in the forum. Pretty cool!

So far I have only been lurking in the forum, digesting posts trying to figure stuff out for myself, but now I feel its time to profit a little more directly from the accumulated musical savviness here.
I recorded my whole warm-up, work-out session yesterday and I'd really appreciate some feedback:

Especially on the tongue-exercise: Am I doing this too strongly? I had lots of trouble with this exercise in the beginning, and I think I'm going in the right way now, but I'm not totally sure yet.
Also, when I move into headvoice in this take I also mess it up. which happens sometimes, as well as with the lip-burble. It feels kind of wrong then, although I'm not exactly clear about what I goes wrong in those cases. What helps to correct me this issue though are light glissando slights up and down to get the feel for the right sit of my voice.
Any other thoughts? Shoot way :D

Also obviousously my LAH and LAA exercises: I'm still a bit tight here with the high notes ( I seem to really losen up only after the workout and then singing one  or two songs gently), but in general I'm content so far, especially for just warming up. But there is probably a lot of issues here that I don't see, or hear for that matter.

EE vowel: I really need to check that vid again. Haven't really gotten hang on the modifications here I find.

That would be the most important stuff. But I do appreciate any kind of tips and feedback, suggestions on the other samples too.

Thx for helping out!! As soon as I'm a little less shaky on my singer's legs I' hope I'm gonna be able to give some of this back to rest of all those up and coming singers here.

Greetz and keep up the good vibes


PS:  Is it cool if just post all the exercise-samples in one thread like here, or should I better open up individual threads in the respective exercise categories? This seemed simpler, (at least for me, haha.) but just let me know^^


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Your tongue exercise sounds fine, even when you go into head voice.  Just remember that this is a light exercise.  If it feels a little difficult, try lightening up the pressure just a bit.

    The burble file did not play.

    The LAA/ LAH sounds OK, but I think you could make it brighter, especially the LAA.  Make it more "AA" like Hat.  It sounds a little "uh" rather than AA... 

    Only these two sound samples would play for me.  The others were not there.  I got an "Oops!" message.

    Might as well stay on this one thread, to keep it more coherent.

    All the best!



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    RainmakerRainmaker Pro Posts: 2
    Hey Bob,

    thanks a lot for the fast response. That's encouraging so far! Cool thing I did get the tongue exercise quite right then.  I will upload refined exercise samples based based on your suggestios next week.

    Also I fixed the soundcloud privacy settings. now everything should play. Here is a link to the whole playlist.
    If you have anything else. let me know!


    Apart from that: Keep up the good work and enjoy your weekend!


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