Hi from Sacramento!

I play BASS in Sacramento and am considered a monster. I like theory and teach it as well. So, After offending everybody in town with my vocals (ok there are a few I haven't offended yet) I decided to work on them and found Ken T. online and relate to his style of teaching. Although I am not very good now I am really going to give this a chance and see what happens. I taught myself BASS, became pro. I just want to always improve, that's all. So I am new here and I can only hope that with effort and time Ken T. can help on the way.


Wish me luck,




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    TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269

    Hi Alan!

    I love your approach! That's the spirit we like. If you apply your determination to singing, like you did to bass playing, you'll get results. Just post anything you want, questions, opinions, singing samples (even really bad ones), and we'll help you along the way.

    Good luck!


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    a.harrisona.harrison Pro Posts: 6

    So I worked for the past month with a certified SLS instructor who really knows her (**& and been singing for 5o years. I found that after driving there, then getting to work, then driving home I had 8 hours invested with only 2 hours of actual work time on my voice really done with her. Well, at 150 a month and the time loss (I am self employed) I am saying I am finished. Here there are forum, tips, sharing 24/7 and ALOT of information I seek. It's obvious I will be staying. She did help me though there is no doubt, but this and her are the difference between paying for quality time and not getting it and paying for information and getting the truck dumped on your lawn.

    Miracles take time, I just want to improve steadily and see progress. A lot of little blocks build the building. Once I was the worst bassplayer in Sacramento, now people go out of their way to tell me I straight destroy the veteran pro's (no name(s) mentioned.....who's famous in Sacramento?). I'm done with not being able to. When I finish here I will be a singing bassplayer.........2 seriously sought after and difficult to find talents in one and I do it because where I come from if you don't TAKE the time to do things for yourself it will never happen. Also, ever worked with a singer? Well I have and I tell you I am DONE taking orders and having my time and skills be put behind someone I must rely on to get the job done!!!!


    Someone once asked me "WHY did I become such a bassist? What possessed you?" My simple reply, "I only get one chance in life to be the absolute best I can be at anything be it take 2 years or 2 days or 30 years etc........but when I am finished, and onstage, I promise myself I will never give less that 110% the whole time because I don't deserve it and neither does anyone paying attention."

    Now it's time to sing,



    Malmsteen on bass

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    a.harrisona.harrison Pro Posts: 6

    PS and another thing, as with BASS once upon a time no one thought it possible. So I bought a beat up 4 string and was horrible when I started.................now I drop it like THOR'S Hammer! Just like the Juke Box Hero.


    KTVA you are on! I don't have stars in my eyes at all, I do it just because. Singing, you're next...................

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357

    Welcome, Malmsteen!

    You are among friends and like-minded musicians.

    A good portion of how far you will be able to take this is determined by your drive and ability to follow through.

    This is the place for vocal Monsters in the Making.  Your stock will continue to increase in value as you begin to refine your vocal capabilities.



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