How y'all doin? Greetings from the Heart of Dixie!

Hi everyone.This is EP from AL I received Vol 1 as a gift from someone who knew I was interested in the program. Since then, I completed Vol 2 and have started Vol 3. I'm excited to join the forum and I hope to get in on some great discussions on technique and also get a lot of answers on some of my key gaps in the program. 

I'm primarily a guitarist. I grew up in a family of Bluegrass, Gospel, Country, and Rock musicians. I studied Jazz, Flamenco, and Classical guitar in addition to Vocal studies while pursuing my Degree in Music Composition in College. I've played in cover and original bands all over the place. I've shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music to side players that blow them all away.

I got really tired of being just the lead guitarist and being at the mercy of singers who may or may not show up to a gig (depending on their ego) and having them play half lit and ruin my reputation with club/bar owners because they can't get their junk together. So I decided to be in control of my destiny by getting my voice in the best shape possible. I had a strong foundation from school. I'm a baritone but I can hit a Db below the clef if needed and I sang a lot of tenor in larger ensembles. 

Anyway, again, I'm stoked to be here!



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    Hello, @edshred6,

    It's nice to meet you.  We're stoked to have you aboard!!!

    Many of us here share your background and a desire to become independent of others to determine our Lead Vocal needs. 

    Of course, the Lead Vocalists here at this site are helpful and friendly, and want to help you to step up to the plate and sing your heart out! 

    This is definitely THE method you want to employ to get your voice to the next level, the one after that, and Beyond!

    I notice that your forums status is "member".  If you want to get upgraded, you should send an email to ktvahelp@gmail.com and include copied and pasted receipts for any KTVA volumes you have purchased, and explain about the Volume One gift. 

    There is really a LOT MORE to the KTVA Forums than you can see with your "member" status. 

    It is great to have you here, and I look forward to hearing your demos and helping you with any questions you have along the way.  There are some great folks here that will help you to get there!

    By the way, exactly where IS the Heart of Dixie?


    All the Best!!!!



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    edshred6edshred6 Pro Posts: 2
    Bob - I saw that recommendation to another member of the forum's question and compiled my receipts into an email sent it o the help address just a few moments ago. Someone should have it in their inbox. Thanks for the heads up and quick response to my introduction.



    The Heart of Dixie is the 22nd state to join the Union. The one and only "Alabama the Beautiful." 
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