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Hey guys! Can you all recommend some good open sounding, crisp sounding, and true sounding microphones within the 100-600 dollar range. I really am having trouble deciding on a mic. I like to sing really heavy rock vocals like Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, and Sebastian Bach. I also sing really loud. Hopefully someone can help me. 


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    Most folks that use the Rode NT1 seem to really like it. The Rode seems to be a good mic for the money.

    I bought a second-hand Groove Tubes GT66 on eBay.  I paid about $350 for it several years ago. It is a tube-powered condenser with a large diaphragm.  I have  some Audio-Technica multi-pattern mics, but I prefer the sound of the GT66.

    Whatever mic you get should have a -10 dB switch on it, since you sing very loud.  That will help to prevent overdriving the preamp stage of your recording chain.


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