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Considering buying "How to Sing...," have a few questions

ParkerBParkerB Pro Posts: 11
A few questions:

1.  I can't find info on your website on how the program is structured, media-wise.  Are there videos for each chapter?  are there vocal exercises on CD for each chapter that i can do over and over, anywhere?    

2.  Realistically, what sort of time commitment is required for the program, on a daily or weekly basis?  

3.  I think the issues I need to work on most are pitch, articulation and style- more so than increasing range and power.  Based on your claims and on review comments, it seems your program is mostly geared toward range and power.  Am i missing something?  




  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
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    Hello, @ParkerB

    Welcome to the KTVA forums!

    I'll try to answer your questions.

    If you only order a specific KTVA Volume, say Volume One, that would include a DVD (or download video) of instructional material with Ken demonstrating techniques. Volume One has 17 video clips that are from one minute to nine minutes in length. 

    Each Volume also includes a CD (or download mp3) of exercises that is approximately 30 or more minutes in length.

    The workouts and instructional material gets progressively more advanced as you work your way from Volume One and keep going. 

    The best value is the ProPack, which includes All Three KTVA Volumes, including Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 audio workouts/warmups.  The student is expected to work out for a minimum of one hour a day, six days per week for reasonable results.  You may increase this if you want to accelerate your progress. 

    Minimum time spent on each KTVA Volume should be about six weeks or more for most students.  It takes time for your body to adapt as you work on physically expanding your vocal capabilities.  Think about the commitment that Opera singers put into their careers.  They expect to spend years developing their voices. This is not about Opera, but the voice as a serious instrument should be considered in real, practical terms. You get back what you put in. You need the right guidance to get there.

    The reason the ProPack is such a good value is that you get downloads of far more video content.  In the ProPack Ken includes previous versions of his 3 Volumes (plus the current version), so you get slightly different explanations and visuals of the entire KTVA process.  This can be helpful, as we all have different ways of learning and assimilating information.

    Besides all three KTVA Volumes, the ProPack also includes Bonus Video programs: Building Head Voice, Licks and Tricks, The Secrets of Live Singing Application (Pop and Rock versions), Vibrato, plus many more topics.

    All KTVA Students get expanded access to the KTVA forums.  Forum "Members" are only seeing an introductory portion of the Forums, and much of the technical vocal discussion is taking place in the students-only sections.  Also, there are many free videos available in the student areas of the KTVA Forums, including additional lessons on many topics and several recordings of live KTVA Webinars featuring a number of vocal topics. 

    One of the video programs available here (free for students) is called BASIC PITCH, which is one of the things you asked about.  It is a whole series of short videos with specific exercises to help you learn to zero in on pitch discernment.  If you work your way through these exercises and do your part (i.e.dilligent practice), you will strengthen your pitch capabilities.

    PRO students also have access to the PRO category on the Forums, which includes additional videos and discussions intended for advanced students.

    Media-wise, you can purchase the KTVA programs either as hard copy (DVD/CD) or download.  With the PRO Pack, Ken provides you with an incredible amount of content.

    Regarding your issues that you mentioned: Pitch: Ken's Basic Pitch Program

    Articulation: Ken has a lot to say about articulation (and you may be surprised) in Volumes Two and Three, plus in the Webinars. He includes information about consonants in singing in Volumes Two, Three, and Webinars.

    Style: Licks and Tricks, plus the Webinars, and Webcam videos discuss these topics.

    KTVA is a program that will offer you a real path to vocal mastery, not quick, instantaneous, magic solutions or gimmicks.  It is a program that will build your voice and your vocal skills over a long period of time.  If you keep working this program, your voice will continue to improve for the rest of your vocal life!

    Yes, this program will definitely improve your range, power, and the longevity of your voice.  KTVA is a program that is based on solid, fundamental vocal principles, and years of proven results.  It takes work and commitment on your part. 

    Hopefully I've answered most of your questions without too much overload. 

    : ^ ) 

    Thank you for your questions, and

    Good Singing to You!




  • ParkerBParkerB Pro Posts: 11
     Thanks Bob.

    Also, I play electric bass, so I'm already spending a LOT of time on that.  You'd think because of the bass playing I'd be able to open my mouth and sing on pitch, but  I find that singing notes start a bit flat and slide into the correct pictch.  

    Anyway, thanks again. 
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
    There are lots of musicians here who started out with KTVA  just wanting to be able to step up and do a song or two as lead vocalist, that have ended up being the primary vocalist in their band.
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