Me attempting Blackbird By Alter Bridge

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Hey Guys,

Firstly I wanna ask if it's all good that I'm uploading all these videos for critique? 

I'm going to book in another lesson with Ken in the near future, but want to tackle these songs as best as I can before then! So I appreciate you guys taking the time to listen and critque.

I realise that here I am flat on "Wind". I felt that singing the phrase "Let the Wind" in a legato style helped pitch that "Wind" note and to keep the back of the throat open, although I am most likely NOT doing that in this video as you can hear! This is a true depiction of how I was singing this 80% of the time. I could have re recorded this vid until I got it somewhat better but that's not really where I am at with this. I am more consistently singing it like this.

I also think I am not pairing the sound down correctly. After I filmed this I worked a bit on using a less weighty sound.

Also sorry that his voice is still in there, I didn't think to prepare a track.



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    Do you hear how much louder your voice gets when you get to "Let the Wind"? You're singing an A4 there, but your power is not under control.  Ever rev an engine too high and throw a piston rod?

    In a previous posting I talked about how much louder acoustically higher-range notes are, especially when amplified or recorded...  This is a principle of sound that you should use to your benefit.

    This is a classic example. This kind of volume on that kind of note is very rough on your vocal cords.  You should be using a ton of support to counteract the tendency to blast those notes out.  Essentially, your support should be pressing down on your guts to try to keep your diaphragm from plunging that much air up and out at that much pressure.  You will realize a different kind of power when you start taking advantage of that technique.

    It's a fine line, but one that you need to learn in order to preserve your vocal cords, increase the longevity of the air you have to work with, and to release notes without hitting them so hard. 

    Although you are getting close to those high notes, they are just slightly flat and strained.  You can reach these notes.  Your technique is not yet developed like it needs to be in order to sing them.

    It's absolutely OK to keep posting.  The only thing we ask is that you take heed of the suggestions you are given, and practice incorporating those suggestions prior to posting another demo.

    The fact that you are diligently trying to conquer your weaknesses will result in turning them into strengths.  We are happy to assist in that process, as long as you do your part and follow-through on the feedback. 

    It would be helpful to take the original vocalist out of the mix.  At the lower levels of the song, it's hard to hear you.  Then you blast on the high notes.  Remember, paring down the sound means paring down the tone AND the volume.  You are NOT paring down the volume in the high section.

    Soon you will be finessing the high notes.  Keep that in mind.  Your power will come from your abdominal core, not your throat. 

    All the Best!


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    lordsammylordsammy Pro Posts: 62

    I'm starting to get my head around what you are taking about with less volume and power of a different kind. It feels like it naturally resonates itself into a powerful sound.

    I took heed today of your advice to put more "eh" into the word "wind" and something new was happening there that I'm excited to finesse. It was working when the whole phrase leading into the word "wind" was legato, which helped to keep the throat open going into a tough word like that.

    I'll be practicing my butt off this week to get it right. I think it's also helpful for me to think about mask and to think about projecting the sound forward. In one of your responses in a completely different post unrelated to myself, you mentioned the feeling of inhaling while singing. I'm finding this could be useful and I'm going to explore it more this week.

    So with plenty to work on this week I'm hoping to make some progress.

    I agree with you in regards to the volume on the high notes. After three 3 hour gigs over the weekends my voice is usually done after singing a few rock songs amongst the rest.

    Thanks again for your evaluation!

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    You have many assignments on your plate now, grasshopper!

    Chew on these concepts and grow them into your voice!



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