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Critique and tips for my singing

Been doing the KTVA method now for a few months, would like to get some opinions on a cover I did of Wayfaring Stranger. Its an old gospel/Countryish song.
Id like to get some critiques so I can better my not so great sounding voice. 

Here is a link from a terrible baritone.


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    TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269


    I think your voice sounds good, it has a pleasant tone that I like very much. I would like to point out some things that you can work with:

    1. Pitch. In some parts of the song you go flat, actually quite a lot in the last part of the song. Are you playing the guitar at the same time as singing, or are you using playback? I was thinking that the pitch problem partly could be because you concentrated on more than only singing. Perhaps playing the instrument, or even thinking: 'I have to do this properly, since I am recording'. These are only my immediate thoughts, and could be completely wrong, but I wanted to say it anyway.

    I normally sing on pitch, but I recorded myself on a gig and was quite shocked. I sang off pitch on some parts of the song, and wasn't even aware of it. It was on some phrasing, you know kind of ornamentation that I just did the way I heard the original singer do it. The problem was that I didn't concentrate. I was sloppy. And a bit nervous. And that was enough. It was great learning for me. I need to be focused and really be aware of the notes I sing. T

    Pitch issues can often improve by only singing 'brighter' and not cover the sound. I don't think you cover the sound very much, but you could try singing even brighter (smile into the sound), and see if it gets better. I also wonder: can you hear that you sing off pithc? If you can, that is good. Ken has a special program that is developed to work with pitch issues. If you want to, I can find it for you.

    2. Support. You should use even more support. That would give you even better tone, and you would sound less 'airy'. We can use the airy sound as an effect when we have good control of technique, especially of support. But if we sound airy because we have to little support, we need to work more on it. Too much air will dry out our vocal cords.

    Keep up the good work and post more examples!


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    TrineTrine Enrolled Posts: 269
    edited April 2014

    Hi again!

    I just wanted to say that I listened to 'Akoustic waves' that you posted on Soundcloud some months ago. You have really improved a lot! There is a huge difference. You have improved your tone, support and sound much less 'airy'. Really good work you have done there.

    I also would be aware of the vowel modifications. E.g. singing eh instead of ee when you go higher, and also not closing down the sound at the end of phrases that ends on an rrrr. Just touch upon the 'r', but not hang onto it so that you close down the throat.

    Hope this makes sense.


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    XGeneralZodXGeneralZod Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for listening it is great to have some feedback and direction. I was playing the guitar and "singing" at the same time. I guess I should work on getting my singing better before combining the two. Was it off pitch after the "I'm going there" part on the chorus I was trying to hit the C below the treble staff.

    I will try to work on better support I think I was releasing too much air when I was singing. Do you try to keep your throat open and relaxed as possible?
    Maybe with the support it can bring the note up a little and bring it on pitch. I am interested in hearing the pitch program.

    Thanks for listening to acoustic waves I can play guitar and write songs now I just need to bring the singing up quite a few levels. It is hard work and singing is a craft hopefully one day I can be taken seriously as a singer.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    edited April 2014

    Hi, @XGeneralZod!

    I see that you are listed in the forums as "member", but you say you have been working the KTVA program for a while.

    If you have purchased a KTVA program, or the entire program, you should send an email to ktvahelp@gmail.com and request to be upgraded in the forums.   That will give you a lot more access to video content, including Ken's Basic Pitch program, which can be very helpful to any of us (even those of us who think our pitch is fine).

    Copy and paste into your email a copy of your KTVA purchase receipt and ask to be upgraded to the proper forum level for your purchase.  You should take advantage of the information that is available to KTVA students.  "Members" are only seeing a small portion of the KTVA forums.

    All the best to you!



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    XGeneralZodXGeneralZod Member Posts: 13
    Sounds good. Will do!
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