Song I wrote called "keep kicking"

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I wanted to share a song this song with the community and see what everybody thinks of it. I personally love the song and would love to hear what everyone thinks of my voice.


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    Your voice sounds good, @mikeyduncan.

    I like that you put the lyrics on screen, and over a nice backdrop.

    You have a good range.  I listened to a couple more of your tunes on YouTube.  You're comfortable belting G4's and A4's.

    Nice song.

    Keep on singing.



  • mikeyduncanmikeyduncan Member Posts: 2
    @highmtn Thank you, I do a lot of warm ups and for some reason the past 3 months I keep losing my voice off and on, for a week. I have no idea what is causing it. When I do my warm ups towards the end of my highest head voice the particular note I'm on feels really dry. When I feel that dryness I wont sing at all from fear of losing my voice for another week.

    When this happens is the best method to be quiet for a couple days? I drink tons of water just to make sure I'm hydrated,I just don't want to develop vocal nodules.
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    I take it by your "member" status that you don't have any of Ken's warmups or instructional videos.  Am I correct?

    You have a good range and sound.  Still, you have to use good technique in order to ensure your vocal longevity.  There is more to it than we can type in text, but there are ways to regulate your air pressure and properly support your breath so as to minimize fatigue and overblowing of your vocal cords.

    To cut to the chase, you have to learn to be very careful in finding when enough is enough air and pressure and to avoid going beyond that.  The best thing to do is to stop overpressurizing your cords.  It's better to continue to sing lightly than to just stop singing.  If you're losing your voice, you are overdoing something, and that something is probably high pressure on your upper mid and high notes. 

    Be careful and take care of your voice.  It has to last you a lifetime!


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