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Anthony V - Dark Horse

Hey guys,

I thought it might be beneficial for all if we started a discussion on Anthony V's Dark
horse video. He did such an awesome job incorporating all the different styles that we all like.
It seems like a wasted opportunity to not dissect this.

It looks to me like there's a lot going on during his Pavaroti style, like he's perfectly placing everything.

Also I tried to work out how hard or soft he's hitting the consonants in the iron Maiden section, though I couldn't work it out!

He also looks very relaxed throughout the whole video. Something I am working on! Relaxing completely between breaths to avoid getting bound up and straining.

Please comment on what you think he's done.

Hope you can all join and learn!



  • tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 209

    Hi Sam,

    Nice to meet you! I agree, he is a very talented vocalist and KTVA's methods are truly expressed through his amazing voice. It is important to always remain relaxed while singing and this occurs when correct diaphragmatic and breath support are present. I heard the Iron Maiden section of "Dark Horse" and I believe his diaphragmatic support and the power he supplies behind the vowel, followed by some glottal compression gives the impression he is hitting the consonants hard when in fact he is not. With any vocalist if the consonants are emphasized there is a risk of tension, strain and as Ken says "choking" of the voice. Hope that helps!

    Good singing to you


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