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Hi All!

I  purchased the How To Sing Bundle yesterday.  I went through all of Volume 1.  Some really good stuff!!  It's the laaaaa.  :-)  Love it.  

Some background on me…  I started taking guitar lessons in 2008.  I played in college a little (many years ago,,.), but never had lessons or was in a band before.  I really wanted to be in a band, but I couldn’t find one looking for a guitar player, especially one who had never played a gig before J. 

In 2011, I started my own band.  We had a drummer, a guitar player (me), and a bass player. We jammed Led Zeppelin and AC/DC in the drummer’s basement, but we couldn't find a singer.  I decided to take vocal lessons from an instructor (the same one my daughter was going to at the time), and I booked my band to play a school event. We had 6 months to get ready.  Was I crazy!?  My first time playing and singing in public was on stage with my band in front of 150 people for a “Dad’s Night” show, I was scared to death!!!  I didn’t listen to the recording for 2 weeks afterwards because it was such a good memory in my head, I didn’t want to ruin it if it sounded terrible.  I was really scared to death even after the show.  Well it turned out really well, people loved it, my kids were proud of me, and the recording didn’t sound half bad.

In November, 2012, (after finding a new bass player), we started playing gigs in bars once per month.  Did I tell you we got to be on TV?  It was cool.  Our band is called Doghöuse (because we're always in trouble).  We play rock covers.  I post stuff up on our website or on facebook if you want to see any of it. 

Our web page:   doghouse-band.com 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/doghouse.page

I feel like a got some good fundamentals from my first vocal teacher, but she could only take me so far.  I’m looking to really improve my singing, and Ken’s program looks *really* good.  When the vocals are good, people really take notice, and it is so much fun!!!  Ever since I’ve started singing, I absolutely love it.  I practice a lot (more vocals than guitar), and I love the feeling of learning more, improving and hearing the results!  I would like to keep improving my band, our sound and my singing.  I want to start writing some songs soon and try them out at our gigs.


- Jim


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    Hi Jim, welcome to KTVA forums, its lovely to meet you! That's excellent and you are correct, the LAH is the LAW! haha. Thank you for sharing your story! That is awesome and you are only going to get better. The proof is in the singing and KTVA will definitely assist you in becoming the 'MONSTER' vocalist. Please keep us updated with your progress and as always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Good singing to you!


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