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Hi, I am Igor. I purchased the complete program recently and have been delaying my starting of the exercises for a couple of days since, as I have a nasty cold and a sore throat. I am very anxious to finally start. I have been singing for a better part of the last 10 years, but have always been somewhat amateurish in my approach. Only recently have I started going through lessons (maybe last 3 years I've been much more proactive) and have even completed a better part of a competitive product to KTVA. Still I felt I needed more, so I invested in this product. I hope that I will do well and that I will be able to post my progress regularly.

The question I have is whether there will be any exercises covering begginer and intermidate harmonies. Harmonic singing has always been something I wasn't very good at, so I want to sort that out.

Also, my vibrato is really poor, right not, I can produce it somewhat but it is forced, uneven and I don't like it. so how much emphasis is there on vibrato?

Thank you.



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    Presently there are no lessons dealing specifically with harmony.  There is some mention about blending vs singing solo or lead. 

    I sing harmony almost any time I am not singing lead.  It's fairly easy to learn, once you get the hang of it.

    Generally you sing a third or a fifth above the main vocal line, in order to achieve a 1/3/5 major triad (if the chord is major) and so on.  Once you realize this, you get a feel for "hearing" harmonies in your head.

    Any time I hear someone singing, or hear a group harmonizing, my brain automatically figures out an additional part that can be added.  It's important that you don't "steal" someone else's note.  You learn to find your own interval and maintain that interval throughout the tune.

    Ken does have lessons and entire video programs on Vibrato, and you will find that material in your download and also in some of the videos available to students here on the KTVA Forums.

    Nice to meet you, Igor.  I hope you get over your cold, and into improving your voice.

    I think you are going to be glad you decided to learn Ken's Vocal Methods!



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