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Why Workout EVERY day?

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Ken suggested that I post this question here on the Forums.

It's a good question.  See Below:



I'm a student who is thinking about purchasing the private lessons in a few months but I had a question before I did. In the first few lessons Ken says to do this 5-6 times a week but I wanted to know how the voice was different than any of our other muscles. When I go to the gym I'll go 3 times a week and not everyday. Can  you clarify??


Hi Sean,

Think of it like this.

Do you speak (use your voice) everyday?

Do you walk everyday?

If there was a sport you love (like soccer, or baseball or football), if you wanted to get good at it would you only do it 3 times per week?

How about learning an instrument like guitar...or piano?

Truth be told, if you only practiced 3 times per week...that's the rate of how good you would get.

There are many conditioning points to the voice.

Doing them with correct information and repetition and regularity builds strong muscle memory.

For this reason, it's good to build strength, stamina and this kind of muscle memory for your voice :-)

I hope that helps.


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