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Can u please tell me how to make my vocals sound richer and better after recording my voice is not great


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    The sound of your voice starts with your voice itself.  Do everything you can to have a good-sounding voice in the first place. 

    Good vocal tone, support, cord closure, etc.


    After your voice is sounding good, the recording chain starts with the microphone.  Get the best mic you can afford, usually a condenser mic will have better specifications than the average dynamic mic. 

    Next in the chain is the preamp.  A good-quality preamp is best, but get the best you can afford, which could be under a hundred dollars or all the way up to thousands of dollars.  You can even buy some reasonable mic mixers (which have built-in preamps) for a little over a hundred dollars, and those may have echo, reverb, tone controls, and a headphone output.  You can plug an mp3 player or CD player into the mixer, even the ouput of your computer if you get the right adapter cords.  That could make a good way for you to rehearse along with Ken in headphones and record what you are doing.

    Don't use echo and reverb if you want feedback on your singing.  We need to hear your voice without the extra distractions.

    Record your voice on a good mic with a good signal and don't overload the record level.  You should be good if you avoid overloads.  Use your ears to monitor what you are getting on your recording and make adjustments until you get it sounding right.



  • zani_jayzani_jay Pro Posts: 34
    What about singers who sound great in studio but can't actually sing? What do they do?
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    They use auto tune and piece it together bit by bit. No one is perfect the studio is like a giant microscope at times. The key is working hard and sounding as good as you possibly can. Let the producer and engineer worry about the rest:)
  • zani_jayzani_jay Pro Posts: 34
    Why do I sound different when I record it does not sound like how I hear it?
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,175

    You normally hear your voice from inside your head, as well as from your ears hearing the sound come out of your mouth.  The sound that you hear that is through bone conduction (we're all boneheads, you know) sounds completely different in our heads than it does to other people who only hear it from your mouth to their ears (no bone conduction).

    For this reason, we seldom recognize the actual sound of our voice when we hear it on a recording.  It sounds completely different than what we think we sound like, because on a recording we too get to hear what everybody else hears in our voice.

    Record yourself often.  It's a great way to quickly advance your vocal progress, and the more you hear yourself played back, the sooner you will get over the revulsion that most of us have when we first hear our own voice, either speaking or singing on a recording.   You need to get over this.  It's just a stage in your development.  Once you get over the shock, you can listen very closely and determine what you need to do to get a more desirable-sounding voice.  The more you listen, the more you can improve.

    Get a way to listen to yourself in headphones when you record.  That way you are monitoring the sound as it is going into the recorder.



  • zani_jayzani_jay Pro Posts: 34
    So what If people say I'm a good singer but I do not like how I hear my voice?
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    Then you need to listen to recordings of your voice and decide what it is about the sound of your voice that you do not like.  If other people do like the sound of your voice, then maybe they are all wrong, or maybe they are all right and it is your perspective that is incorrect.

    If there is something about the sound of your voice that you dislike, then identify the problem and ask for help with correcting the issues.

    I don't think we've heard any recordings of your voice yet.  It's hard to tell you anything about your voice if we haven't heard it.



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