Hello From L.A. -- Lower Alabama!

I'm a 47 year old Physical Therapist from Alabama. I'm a drummer, in and out of bands most of my life and accustomed to performing live. I've always had a passion for singing but have always held the belief that great singers were simply gifted, IOW I've never considered myself as one of the "gifted" ones. I love most genres of music, however classic rock from the 70s and 80s is my preference... Steve Perry, Aerosmith, Eagles, etc...

As I'm going through Volume 1, my beliefs are beginning to change. Many of the concepts are beginning to click as I go through the scales daily. Most recently the concept of support and diaphragmatic breathing in reaching the higher chest notes is becoming more and more clear! I now realize that my feeling of using the diaphragm was all wrong. What's even more interesting is that I teach diaphragmatic breathing to many of my  patients!!

Ken's concept of the voice as a "leg" (thigh/chest, calf/head voice, and knee/passaggio) particularly hit home with me. I often teach my patients who have barriers to a normal gait/walk the concept of neuromuscular control, timing, etc... in order to achieve a more normal walk, i.e. just because they are walking doesn't mean it's correct/normal or healthy.

I would love to achieve a voice strong enough one day to sing something like "Don't Stop Believing", although I know I am quite a ways away from that goal. Also I have two teenage girls whom I have told that I will sing Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses" at their wedding one day. This may be part of the deeper reason I am looking to improve my voice because I would hate to disappoint them with a crackly, strained voice during such a meaningful moment!

I firmly believe that I have been led to Ken's course for a reason...


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    Welcome, @usapt!

    You and many others believe they were destined to find Ken's course.  Yes, it is very interesting that you teach diaphragmatic breathing, yet all of a sudden it's being taught to you in a way that has a very personal meaning and importance.  : ^ )

    I too am a drummer, and a longtime musician at that!  Only when I was a little older than you are now did I make the decision to step across the line and become a real vocalist, instead of just a squawker in a band.

    I took many a wrong turn on my journey and spent thousands on vocal lessons that were, for the most part, a waste of money.  I have, however been constantly studying the voice for many years now, and it's all coming together for me since the moment I found KTVA. 

    KTVA began the first meaningful vocal study that has truly given me a new voice, strength, and tone that none of the other vocal methods even came close to doing. 

    You are learning, as I have learned, that yes, Some people ARE gifted at vocals, but the REST OF US can learn to sing, too, and do quite well at it, thank you very much!  It takes a lot of work, dedication, and proper practice, but it's a realistic goal, and one that can be very fulfilling.

    Fasten your seat belt, this is going to be a fun ride!

    Glad to have you on board!



    P.S.    As an aside, my brother is a drummer and a sound contractor, too in Carson City, NV.  He ran sound a couple of years ago for Bob Carlisle.  I think you'll do fine at your daughter's weddings!  Good Singing to YOU!!!

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    Thank you for your encouragement! I'm definitely looking forward to each "Ah Ha" moment as I study the lessons. Thanks also for mentioning your brother's connection to Bob Carlisle. Very interesting!
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