Started Volume 1 yesterday....it was hard to forget about all other training like he wanted..scared.

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Hey Guys! sooo i don't know where to start so i'll try to shorten it up.lol 

I am 24 years old and live in los angeles. I started having interest in singing at 14, but didn't start taking it serious till 19, and didn't start training till 20 about turn turn 21....
When i was 14 my very negative mean and D****E BAG metal head brother heard me singing and for the first time EVER, he said something nice, he said "wow you actually have a cool sound, you can sing"... and even raved about it to his friends,
I kept that memory in the back of my head through out high school and as a writer who loves music, it was very hard not to think about singing 24/7 LITERALLY. I started singing to friends when i was 18 and i got both
negative and positive, a lot were aware that there was talent there but it was buried under so much tension and bad habits and thinking that sound needed to come from the throat, and that u need to push up for higher notesLOL yes i know BAD, .. I have came SUCH A LONG WAY...I started with a vocal coach Lisa Popeil in los angeles, and started to learn about the diaphragm and simple scales, stayed a year but then felt she wasn't meeting my standards, i then went over to monica margolis (big time american idol and lean rhymes coach) also in LA, stayed with her for a while, then went over to Lis Lewis who is a big time celebrity trainer (britney spears , all american rejects blah blah )....along with online videos (eric arceneux, eve soto, sophie shear, rock the stages AND MY FAVORITE new york vocal coach on youtube (genius)) I also got my hands on Jamie Vendera book and grasped onto every work. Like he suggested i hired an Alexander Technique coach to teach me how to strengthen my diaphragm, release tension EVERYWHERE and stand/lay/sit properly, i took 20 classes so far and am going to take 40. It has SAVED my throat, chest and jaw during practice. It is by far the smartest thing I've ever done, Alexander technique teaches you slowly how to eliminate ALL tension AND how to tell when its comes. In the past 10 years Ive learned to use my diaphragm, not sing from the throat, not reach for high notes, I've learned how to speak properly and not alter my speaking voice which a lot of people do, and just sooooo much more. Ive been studying legato, passage, the tongue, jaw, solar plexus, groin area , the mask, vocal fry and other stuff. AND i have gotten to a point with my voice where i have never been happier...but there is still so much that needs to be done, SOO MUCH MORE, so i said to myself "well i can't find one damn bad review about this ken guy other than he's expensive as hell" ....so i decided to try him. today is my second day, i am going to stick to volume 1 a couple months before i move to volume 2.

i am just scared that i will F up everything I've worked so hard on but completely throwing it out the window and following kens rules...but I'm doing it...just a bit scared, anyone else in this boat? or similar?


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    @musicdude818‌ . This sounds a lot like Kens own story, so no you aren't alone. We'll let you be the judge and you can let us know if this program will mess up all you have learned:). I'm guessing it will re enforce the useful things you have learned about your voice and will expand your voice further than you can imagine. A lot of us here have tried most other methods out there, and have stated here for one reason...the proof is in the singing. This program actually works, it's not easy and you have to earn your own success but ken will not steer you in the wrong direction. All the best, let us know how it goes.
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    Hi, @musidude818,

    Welcome.  I'm glad you are aware of Ken's request to leave other vocal methods at the door.

    We all hate to relinquish what we have felt like we have fought for, tooth and nail, up to the point where we found KTVA.  Not EVERYTHING you already know is wrong, but you just need to start out with a clean slate this time, so you won't throw any roadblocks in the way.

    Ken just asks that you trust him and give him your full attention.  He's not going to give you any bad advice.  He's going to turn you into a MONSTER Vocalist!   As Scott says, it IS a lot of work, but it gives great results.

    Don't worry about it.  Just give Ken your full attention and cooperation.  You WILL need to work out every day for at least an hour.   Minimum.  At LEAST five or six days per week.  You will get results. 

    Glad to have you here!



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