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New singing demo. need critique. Just started KTVA volume 2

I have a posted a few times throughout my progress with the KTVA. Here is my latest sample. this is an original song of mine with music and lyrics written now all it needs is a vocal track that nails it. I did volume 1 for a few months and have recently began volume 2. Opinions, criticism, critiques, ways to make it better, ideas all welcome


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    edited June 2014

    Hi, @XGeneralZod,

    On your recording levels, please have the mix favor your voice over the volume of the guitar.  It's hard to hear the finer details of your voice when the guitar is louder than your voice. We want to hear your voice well over the sound of the guitar.

    You are a little breathy.  More cord closure would be an improvement.  Also your support could be strengthened.  Your pitch is drifting a bit.  You should also brighten the tone.  Ken's example of "It's the LAH!!! AHH!!!" demonstrates how bright your voice should sound.  Nice and bright and pingy.  If you think it's too bright, it's just about right!

    If you will work on these items, they all work together to provide improved tone and also help to stabilize pitch.

    Ken has a free program for KTVA Students called Basic Pitch. I recommend you work through that program.  Your Forums status is listed as "Member".  If you ask KTVA to upgrade your forums status you can access basic pitch AND a ton more of Free Videos here on the KTVA Forums.  There are also videos on Support and several other important aspects of the voice.  Not only are there many videos and webinars you can see with an upgraded forums status, you are only seeing the TIP of the ICEBERG as far as Forums discussions, as a HUGE amount of the KTVA-related vocal technique discussions are in the Students-only areas.  Most of the KTVA forums are not visible to you if you have "Member" status.

    To upgrade your forums status, paste a copy of your KTVA purchase receipts into an email to ktvahelp@gmail.com  and ask to have your forums status upgraded.

    Your voice isn't all that bad, I'm just making some practical suggestions that will help you a lot if you follow them.

    All the Best!




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    XGeneralZodXGeneralZod Member Posts: 13
     I guess I cant upgrade unless I have all three programs so far im only on the second one. I wanted to do a track that had the vocals more isolated. Does this one sound any better? And after this I will put in a lot of time practicing and see if i can get some progress. 

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    edited June 2014


    You can upgrade to "volume 1" or "enrolled" if you'll just send that email to ktvahelp@gmail.com

    That would give you access to many videos, AND the Basic Pitch Program AND much more of the forums. 

    If you bought the third of 3 volumes, then that would give you the entire propack, but YOU QUALIFY NOW to be upgraded beyond "member", and you're missing out on resources that would be helpful to you at no additional cost.

    You really need to do that Pitch program.  This is a good recording, and I can hear you very well.  You actually have a very good-sounding voice, but your pitch is not in control, and it sounds like you aren't hearing that.  This is something that can be fixed, but first you have to acknowledge that it's something you want to fix, and then you have to work to be able to build the skills it will take to lick this beastie. 

    Pitch really makes all the difference in the world.  No matter how good the sound of your voice, if you are not singing notes that are in the key of the song, the battle can't be won.  You CAN win this, but you need some help.  Perhaps you need some lessons for someone to show you the difference in the note you should be singing vs the note you ARE singing.  You have to teach yourself to home in on that note, the correct one, not sharp and not flat.  Spot-on. 

    I'm not blowing smoke when I say you have a good-sounding voice.  The quality of your voice will be KILLER when you conquer your pitch issues.  You've GOT to do this.  It will be the turning point in your singing path to tackle this issue.  It cannot be ignored. 

    You Want to Sing.  So Sing.  You need a sense of intonation, and you will have to learn it and earn it.  Then you can take a song and burn it up!  First you have to learn to discern it. 

    Right now, dig up your receipts and ask to be upgraded to "Volume One", and get started on Basic Pitch.

    You owe this to yourself.  You've been working for some time now.  You've got good tone.  Now let's deal with the 800-pound gorilla in the room and go on to get your voice growing just like you've always wanted!!!

    I want this for you very much!



    That's ktvahelp@gmail.com

    All the Best, @XGeneralZod!

    : ^ )




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