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Song Writing???? and a couple quick questions....

KikiKiki Enrolled Posts: 11
Hi Ken ...Kiki here... do you have an up dated version to your spreadsheet we got with all your contact information...or do we at some point purchase an updated version of it? ....one that might have Demi Lovato's producer (I don't know who that is but want to forward material) The reason I ask is that with singing, writing has always bee a big interest to me. I know that lyrically it is one of my gifts. In my years of study and reading, the criteria from what was once looked at as the "formula" for good writing from the greats in the industry is no longer a standard, but I still persist and must adjust slightly. My question is do you as a song writer have any advice on how to present just the lyrics to those on the contact list and how to go about doing that? Once again, thanks for your time.


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