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Hello guys, I just thought it is best to share with you how I sound like. I am having hard time singing high notes, my voice breaks at the top. Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong? I will really appreciate any response, criticism here. 

This song is from Nickelback, I really love the song but I cant finish singing it without getting hoarse. I also did not memorize the song when I record it. LOL

Here is the link. 

Thank you in advance.


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    Hello again, @kgee

    The high notes will come.  You have a good sound. 

    Improved support will help beef up and stabilize your voice.  Continued work on the exercises will help to extend your range and build your tone. 

    The high notes are harder for you because you are trying to sing them from your throat.  You need to transfer that push from being in your throat to pushing down on your diaphragm and singing those notes "from" your gut.  That will help you a lot. It takes time to learn, but when you change where your high notes come "from" it will change your voice, in a good way.

    You are starting from a good place.






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    Thank you Bob, But how do you really pushn your diaphragm down?  When Im doing the excercise,for the high notes , It just feels like im holding my breath and my stomach contracts. Is it the right way to do it?
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    You press down every time you take in a breath.  That is how you inhale every single breath you've ever taken.  You want to do a similar thing at the same time you are exhaling during singing, to reduce the tendency of your breath to want to rush out.  You resist the air coming out by pressing down on your insides.

    You do this to some extent when you use the bathroom, so you know how to push down on your insides already.  It's just not exactly the same as going to the bathroom, otherwise that's what would happen.  That description is often used, but it's only similar, not the same. 

    I often describe it as pushing down on your innards. That description works for me.  Instead of the bathroom talk it's more like just compressing downward my insides to make more room for my lungs to remain filled and to lessen the tendency for the lungs to deflate.

    You're going to have to find the feeling yourself by experimenting and maintaining the diaphragmatic breath. It's bearing down while still extending the abdomen forward with the belly breath.  If I could describe it easily in words I would be happy to, but it's a feeling inside and you have to find it.  Many people are able to just get the feeling of inhaling while singing.  In classical singing they call it inhale la voce, or "drinking the breath".  See, even they have a hard time explaining it exactly.  I can tell you that when you get it, you will bear down harder the higher you go, and you don't let go of it until you're 3/4 of the way down from the high note.


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    Thank you. I will try that. I was able to reach the chest stretching excercise all the way. Can I now move to stage 3? Also, im wondering why i still get the speed bumps sometimes, then sometimes I get it right. Im not sure what I am doing wrong/
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    Please remind me.  How long have you been working Volume 1 and then Volume 2? 

    You really need to spend adequate time on each to let muscle memory get seated. 

    Volume 3 is a quantum leap as far as the exercises go.  You need to be fully comfortable to sustain Volume 2 workouts without a sweat before moving on to Volume 3 exercises.

    It never hurts to get just a little more benefit out of each Volume before graduating to the next.







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